Poaching and Petty Thieving in St Albans

A Talk by Chris Reynolds

The Stratton Family - 1868

A Fight !!!



William Stratton and George Smith were charged with committing a breach of the peace by fighting in the Abbey parish on the 3rd inst. The defendant Stratton did not put in an appearance. 

Police-constable Howell deposed that he served the summons on a woman who was supposed to be the defendant's wife and who resided in the back yard. A warrant was granted for Stratton's apprehension, and the defendant Smith promised to attend again next court day.

 Superintendent Pike stated that the fight took place about one o'clock on Friday morning. 

Mr. Blagg: Did Smith get the best of it? 

Defendant Smith: I always do

Herts Advertiser 11th July 1868

[I have no information on what happened next