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The Terriers in West Herts in World War 1

A talk by Chris Reynolds


Harry Reynolds joins the Royal Army Veterinary Corps

Calverton, 1911

Mr H F Reynolds, [of Calverton,] St Albans, Veterinary Inspector to the [St Albans Rural District] Council, wrote under date Oct. 19th as follows:- 

"Gentlemen, At the Empire's call I have joined His Majesty's Forces as a member of the Army Veterinary Corps, and am going next Monday. So I now ask for leave of absence, and hope that I may return to duty at the expiration of the war. Your obedient servant, H F Reynolds." 

Mr Simmons inquired whether it would not be necessary to appoint a substitute. 

Mr Sibley: Its necessary to have somebody. 

The medical Officer was asked to see Mr Reynolds "locum" with reference to the continuance of the work. 

Mr Reynolds was granted leave of absence. 

[Jacob Reynolds Scrapbook]

Family photos    Family photos

British Remount Commission (Canada)
Calumet Park Depot, Hammond, Indiana, USA
Probably January 1916

Family photos - backing sheet Chicago Sunday Herald dated January 9, 1916

The train was said to the biggest one to carry  horses from Chicago.


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