Ancestors of

Christopher Finch Reynolds

Harry Finch Reynolds



St Albans


Father:    Jacob Reynolds (1835-1926)

Mother:     Ellen Smith (1840-1935)

Born:    27th August 1865 at Sandridge, Herts

Baptised:     16th January 1866 at Sandridge, Herts

Married:     28th June 1893 at Harpenden, Herts

Wife:    Sarah Constance Cox (1867-1935)

Daughter:     Frances Constance Reynolds (1895-1949) Born 7th May 1895 at Harpenden

Son:    Henry Jacob Finch Reynolds (1897-1962) Born 3rd March 1897 at Welwyn. Married Margaret Jane Rutherford at Caterham in 1927

Son:     Stanley Hill Reynolds (1899-1900) Born 15 March 1899 at St Albans

        Census:    St Albans 1901:    Heath Farm    See My Ancestors in the 1901 Census

Son:    Gerald Finch Reynolds (1907-1977) Born 8th December 1907 at St Albans

        Work:  St Albans 1908-16: Veterinary Surgery at 10 Chequer Street.

With the Aldenham Harriers, 1911


At a meeting of the subscribers to the Aldenham Harriers, held at St Albans, Mr. Walker of High Canons, Shenley, was unamiously elected as master, on the retirement of Mr. Ravenscroft. Mr Walker will be assisted by Mr. H. F. Reynolds, as hon. huntsman and secretary.

Luton Times, 25 October, 1912

HARRIERS: The Aldenham now have 20 couples of 19in Stud Book harriers, which hunt three days a fortnight during the season. There is a change of secretary to record here, for Mr. H. F. Reynolds having gone, his place has been taken by Mr.H. S. Bailey, of Cuckman's, St Albans, and the post of huntsman being also vacant owing to Mr. Reynolds' departure, Mr P. T. Fenn succeeds, while the name of C. Thatcher drops out of the list of wippers-in.

Bucks Herald, 20 November, 1915

War Service: Army Veterinary Service: Made temporary Lieutenant 27 March 1916 (Supplement to London Gazette)

Photograph:    USA 1916:    See Purchasing Remounts for the British Army

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