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Gypsies and Travellers Family History

In the past most people tended to stay in the same place - but there were other who were frequently on the move, and tracking them down can be difficult. However there is a friendly society, the Romany & Travellers Family History Society who may be able to help. They publish a newsletter, hold open days, visit some Family History Shows, and have a web site

Pictures taken at the Society Open Day at Tring, 17th July, 2010

The society had a bookstall with many interesting looking family histories, and some more general books, and I particularly noted On the Gypsy Trail: Sources for the Family History of Gypsies, by Alan McCowan as a useful introduction to the subject (see below).

There was also a very impressive display of second hand books on Romani Gypsies and Travellers on sale by Cottage Books (catalogue available from



On the Gypsy Trail

Sources for the Family History of Gypsies

Alan McGowan

Romany and Traveller Family History Society, 1998



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Foreword;  Acknowledgements;  Introduction; Origins; The Direct Line; Locating Entries for Gypsy Families; Birth and Baptism; Names and Occupations; Marriage; Death and Burial; Poor Law Records; Census Returns; Brushes with the Law; Licensing of Hawkers, Pedlars, Chimney Sweeps; Instruction and Improvement; Fairs and Fairgrounds; Tents, Waggons, and Houses; Printed Sources; Military Records; Special Collections and Indexes; Personal Recollection and Family Legend;  Gypsies Today; Bibliography

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