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Selected References to Historic Hospitals in Hertfordshire


There are over 200 pages containing the word "Hospital" on this web site (including many which relate to Christ's Hospital, Hertford, which was a school)

The following are the most important pages - and in many cases provide further links.

Use find it for hospitals in a particular town or village.

Long Stay Mental Hospitals

Leavesden, Napsbury, (Hill End), Shenley, Harpersbury


Hill End Asylum

The Cemetery, Hill End Hospital, St Albans, 20th Century


Military Hospitals in World War One

VAD Hospital at Boxmoor


Lost London Hospitals (web site)

This is an excellent web site which contains significant information on many hospitals, including some in Hertfordshire.

The following are Hertfordshire Hospitals mentioned which were founded before 1940.

Hospital Records Data Base (web site)



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