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Yahoo Genealogy Groups

Yahoo provides a framework where people can set up interest groups on various subjects including genealogy, and when I hear of one connected with a place in Hertfordshire I will post brief details here, with a link to the appropriate place page.

In each Yahoo!Group:

- There is a Message section, messages sent to the group will be distributed to all other members.
- There is a file section containing uploaded GED
- There is a Photographs section containing uploaded Photos.
- There is a Bookmarks section which includes links to members home pages and other web sites.
- There is a Databases containing a 'Members Interests' Database etc.
- There is a Polls section containing Polls.

To join-up visit: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/<Group_name> where <Group_name> is the name of the Group! If you are not already a member of Yahoo!Groups you will need to register. Alternatively, for mailing list participation only, send an Email to: <Group_name>-subscribe@yahoogroups.com again where <Group_name> is the name of the Group!

Ashwell Yahoo group is Ashwell-Gen

If you know of additional Hertfordshire Yahoo groups please tell me.

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