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Who was Elizabeth Kingsley?

  • 1851 Census

  • She was wife of William Kingsley, Victualler

  • She lived in Plough Inn, High Street, Tring

  • Death Records: William died in late 1853


Folio 169



[Following a Tring - Ivinghoe Cricket match] At the conclusion of the game the parties partook of an excellent supper, provided by Mr. Kingsley at the Plough Inn, Tring, and spent the evening together in a jovial manner.  Bucks Herald, 2 August, 1845.


1851 Census



Mary Tomkins Head Widow Female 68 Iron Monger & Baker Employin 1 Man & 3 Boys Tring
Mary A Tomkins Daughter Unmarried Female 44 - Tring
Thomas Tomkins Son Unmarried Male 38 Iron Monger (Master) Tring
Henry Tomkins Son Unmarried Male 35 Iron Monger (Master) Tring
Joanna Tomkins Daughter Unmarried Female 31 - Tring

Plough Inn, High Street, Tring

William Kingsley Head Married Male 40 1811 Victualler Aldwick
Elizabeth Kingsley Wife Married Female 38 1813 Victualler Wife Cadwell, Beds
Mary A C Kingsley Daughter Unmarried Female 19 1832 Victualler Daughter Tring
Thomas Kingsley Son Unmarried Male 10 1841 Victualler Son Tring
Eliza Foster Niece - Female 12 1839 Farmer's Daughter Ickwell, Beds
Mary A Burch Servant Unmarried Female 17 1834 House Servant Tring
John Mudlum Visitor Unmarried Male 25 1826 Traveller Commercial Dunstable, Beds

  £ s d
Agreement and valuation of furniture of Plough, 3 12 0

Moiety Stamp

  5 0
Agreement & valuation of coal business 1 9 0

Expenses & Stamp

  9 6
Commission on Sale of Furniture 8 4 0

Advertising, etc

4 6 6

Other expenses

2 7 6
Proceeds of Sale of Furniture 164 1 5
Cheque to Mrs Kingsley 143 7 11
Final Balance 0 0 0


After Sale of Business

Still operating as Plough Inn, in September 1854 as W Brown has Auction there.

CLUB FEAST - Monday last, being Whit Monday, the Tring Benefit Society held their annual meeting. After attending divine services at the parish church, the members dined together at the Plough Inn. The dinner provided on the occasion was good and substantial, and ample justice having been done to the same, the remainder of the day was spent in a very pleasant and satisfactory manner. Bucks Herald 2nd June, 1855


Notes on Publicans

1823 E Brinkman, Plough

1828/9 Elizabeth Brinkman, Plough

1839 William Kingsley, Plough (and posting house)

1855 Henry Tompkins

1861 William Roffey was publican between Elliman and Tomkins premises. [no pub name]

1866 John Woodman at the Plough

1878 John Penn, Commercial Inn, High Street

1882, 1886, 1890 John Penn, Plough Inn, 50 High Street

1895 John Penn

No longer operatimg as pub after circa 1900