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Setting the Scene

John R Glenister, Estate Agent

  • John Rolfe Glenister (1789-1840) and wife Elizabeth Gilbey living in Tring by 1815.

  • John Gilbey Glenister (1818-48) born in Tring.

  • William Brown articled circa 1828-35.

  • John R Glenister becomes insolvent, September 1835 – Discharged July 1836.

  • Alexander Thomas Parkes articled 1835-42.

  • John Rolfe Glenister dies 1840.

  • William Gilbey articled 1843-49.

  • John Gilbey Glenister dies 1848.

See Auctioneer's Apprentices in Tring, 1828-1848

Time Line Notes on Glenister

  • John Rolfe Glenister married Elizabeth Gilbey on 31 December 1814, at Stansted Montfitchet, Essex. 

  • Elizabeth Gilbey had been born in Stansted in 1791, the daughter of Daniel Gilbey and Rebecca Speed.

  • Elizabeth had a brother, Henry Gilbey, who was also born in Stansted, Essex.

  • Henry had a son Walter Gilbey, born 1831 at Windhill, Bishops Stortford

  • Henry died in 1842

  • Walter was apprenticed to cousin John Gilbey Glenister in 1843.

  • Walter presumably left Tring following the death of J. G. Glenister.

1815-18 Tring Baptism Register

2nd September 1918, children of John Rolfe & Eliza Glenister, Land Surveyor

Maria Gilbey Glenister, born 28 December, 1815

Rebecca Anne Glenister, born 25 February 1817

John Gilby Glenister, born 25 August, 1818

21 December 1821 Cambridge Chronicle Mr. John Rolfe Glenister, Tring, agent for Eagle Insurance Office.

Pigot's directory

Tring had 2 "Auctioneers, etc" Filbey & Jones and Glenister & Knight
19 April 1823 Windsor & Eton Express Messrs Glenister and Knight auctioning property at Haddenham
30 April 1825 Windsor & Eton Express On 6 May Messrs Glenister and Knight auctioned the live and dead stock at Parsonage Bottom Farm, Tring. [Last reference of partnership]
14 November 1827 London Evening Standard etc In a legal dispute about the duties of a leaving farm tenant, Mr. Glenister is described as the steward of William Kay, of Tring Park. Witness was Mr Martin Nuckolds, steward to Sir Drummond Smith
1828?   Assuming that J R Glenister took one young articled assistant at a time, and Alexander Thomas Parkes was the articled assistant between 1835 and 1842, William Brown could have become been articled between 1828 and 1835.

Could he have completed his articles in 1832 - which could explain the 1832 start date for the firm quoted in the B&M History.

1828 Pigot's directory only lists J. R. Glenister under "Surveyors - Land, Estate & Timber"
3 October 1829 Bucks Gazette

16 October 1830 Bucks Gazette Rent Audit. Mr Glenister steward to William Kay
3 June 1832 Bucks Gazette Advert for Auction by Glenister & Philby  of multiple properties in Tring & Puttenham - formerly property of Mr Thomas Kingham.
21 January 1834 County Chronicle Advert for auction of property in Akeman Street by Glenister (auction in Green Man) - solicitors E.C. Faithful, 5 Kings Road, Bedford Row, London; Messrs Faithfull and Robinson, solicitors, Tring.
25 January 1834 Bucks Herald W. Kay, Esq., Lord of the Manor of Tring, with his usual liberality, directed Mr. Glenister, his agent, to return to his tenants 15 per cent at the last tithe audit.
28 October 1834 County Chronicle To Parents and Guardians. - An Articled Clerk is wanted in a Land Surveyor's Office about sixty miles south of London - Applications to be made (if by letter post paid) to Mr J. R. Glenister, Tring, Herts; or to Mr Henry Crawter, 7 Southhampton Buildings, Holborn, London

Alexander Parkes was articled to J R Glenister between 1835 and 1842 and later became land agent of the Tring Park Estate. William Gilbey worked under Alexander Parkes, and in 1888 attended his funeral.

4 April 1835 Bucks Herald The Trustees of the Great Berkhamsted Charities at the recommendation of Augustus Smith, Esq. have had their several estates surveyed and valued by Mr. Glenister of Tring and fair plans and particulars thereof, with the names of the respective donors, handsomely bound up in a book, to be preserved in the parish chest for reference.
25 September 1835 London Gazette Insolvent: John Rolfe Glenister, Auctioneer
12 February 1836 Morning Post Law Sittings: Bankruptcy Court: Before Mr. Commissioner Fane: J. R. Glenister, Tring, Herts, auctioneer, audit and dividend at eleven.
5 July 1836 London Gazette John Rolfe Glenister, Tring, Herts. Auctioneer. - Certificate
20 August 1836 Bucks Herald Tring Park Depasturage: To Be Let. Apply to Mr. Glenister, Land Agent, Tring.
3 June 1837 Bucks Herald Mr Glenister auctioning timber at Tring Park
18 July 1837 Hertford Mercury KAY, Esq v TIDD: ... evidence of the plaintiff's agent, Mr Glenister ...
9 September 1837 Bucks Herald For Sale by Private Contract. One Keel and two flat bottom boats, well made and nearly new, also sundry fishing nets, &c. Apply to the keeper at Tring Park, or to Mr. W. Brown, Auctioneer, &c., Tring
17 September  1838 London Courier On the 15th inst., at his house in York-terrace, Regent's Park, William Kay, Esq, of the Mains, Cumberland, and Tring Park, Hertfordshire, in his 62d year. [& many other papers]
22 September 1838 Bucks Herald DIED: Saturday last, at his residence, William Kay, Esq., Proprietor of Tring Park Estate.
9 November 1839 Bucks Herald Bucks General Hospital: Donations: ... --- Rothschild, Esq., Tring Park, £25
9 November 1839 Bucks Herald BUCKS GENERAL INFIRMARY: ... Rothschild, Esq., Tring Park, £25
22 January 1840 Burial Register

John Rolphe Glenister, Tring 50

Maria Gilby Glenister, Tring, 24

22 October 1841 Chelmsford Chronicle TRING. - The beautiful and much admired Mansion at Tring Park, Herts, buit by Charles the Second for his favourite Nell Gwynne, is undergoing the most substantial and complete repair, with a view to its being let for a term - the present possessor being a minor. King Charles' bed and some other pieces of furniture are still remaining. [much repeated, including in the Bucks Gazette]
16 July 1842 London Evening Standard

First of a number of ads. As a result Joseph Grout became tenant at Tring Park

18 April 1843 London Evening Standard
1843   Walter Gilbey was articled to John Gilbey Glenister 1843-1849 - presumably leaving when J G Gilbey died. He was a cousin and was found a place after his father died. He later went on to found the firm which makes Gilbey's Gin.
26 July 1845 Bucks Herald Mr Glenister, Land and Timber Surveyor, Auctioneer and Valuer, Tring, offers for auction a number of property lots in the Tring area, on 29 July. [Last press notice of one of his auctions?]
1846 Post Office Directory William Brown is listed as Auctioneer Surveyor and Land agent of the High street, Tring, as was John Gilbey Glenister.
14 June 1848 Burial Register

John Gilby Glenister, Tring, 29