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Ancestors of Chris Reynolds

Frances Finch


Wife of Francis Evered Reynolds (1804-1874)


Father:     Jacob Finch

Mother:    Frances Young

Born:    1797 Swaffham, Norfolk

Mother Died:  In 1801 her mother died, and shortly after her father married her aunt, Elizabeth Young, who had probably joined the household to look after young Frances.

Sampler:     1806 [click in image for whole sampler]

Frances Finch, Sampler, 1806, Castle Acre, Norfolk

Married:     29th November 1827 at Castle Acre, Norfolk

Husband:     Francis Evered Reynolds (1804-1874)

Daughter:    Fanny Elizabeth Finch Reynolds (1829-1905) Born Chippenham, Cambs, 10th January 1839. Married John Gardner in 1854 & Arthor Mavor Brown in 1875.. Children: John Arthur Gardner, Charles Henry Gardner, Fanny Elizabeth Gardner & Mary Gardner. Grandchildren include the authoress Ursula Bloom.

Son:    Arthur Robert Reynolds (1832-1896) Born Newton by Castle Acre, Norfolk, 20th March 1832. Married Letitia Parminter in 1879. Children: Gwendoline Gladys Reynolds & Major Frank Reynolds.

Son:    Jacob Reynolds (1835-1926)

Census: 1841:   Newton by Castle Acre

Name Sex Age Occupation Where Born
REYNOLDS, Francis M 45 Farmer  
REYNOLDS, Frances F 45   Norfolk
REYNOLDS, Arthur M 5   Norfolk
REYNOLDS, Jacob M 5   Norfolk
EVERITT, Elizebeth F 15 Servant Norfolk
ENGLEDOW, Sarah F 15 Servant Norfolk
GITTON, Peter M 15 Groom Norfolk


Census: 1851:   Lynn Street, Swaffham, Norfolk

Name Relation Condition Sex Age   Occupation Where Born
FINCH, Elizabeth Head Widow F 74 1777 Annuitant Castle Acre, Norfolk
REYNOLDS, Frances Daughter   F 53 1798 Annu Swaffham, Norfolk
ALEXANDER, Elizabeth Daughter Widow F 43 1808 Annuitant Swaffham, Norfolk
LANE, Elizabeth Servant   F 21 1830   West Lexham. Norfolk







Clerk To Jacob Finch

Newton By Castle Acre, Norfolk

Note: Frances Reynolds not described as married - she and Francis Reynolds had separated

Jacob Reynolds was actually Elizabeth Finch's step-grandson.


Will:  1857: On 21st September Henry Young Finch made his will in which he made a bequest to Frances (his sister) which was worded in a strange way which clearly seems to indicate that none of the bequest should get into the hands of her husband. Henry died on 14th January 1858, and the will was not proved until 7th August 1858 - after Frances Reynolds had died.

I give and bequeath unto my said executors the sum of two thousand pounds sterling upon trust to be by them invested in their joint names upon Government or Real Security in England and to pay the dividends interest and annual income to arise and be procured therefrom unto my sister Frances Reynolds [does not say "the wife of ..." at this point, as do the entries for her two married sisters] as the same shall from time become [??] but and payable for and during the term of her natural life and I declare that she shall have no power whatever to alien anticipate or assign the said dividends interest or income and that the same shall notwithstanding her [married status???] be payable into her hands only and her receipt alone shall be a sufficient discharge to my said executors for such dividends interest or income and from and after the decease of my said Frances Reynolds or in case of any alienation or assignment of the said dividends interest or income by her in her lifetime whichever shall first happen then I give and bequeath the said principal sum of two thousand pounds sterling unto my said nephews Arthur Reynolds and Jacob Reynolds and my niece Fanny Gardner to be equally divided between and amongst them share and share alike as tenants in common

Death:   9th June 1858

Burial:   1857 at Swaffham, Norfolk, aged 62. (from tombstone)

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