William Henry Ewer's

Music Book

March, 2016




The Music Exercise Book of

William Henry Ewer

of Prospect House School


Kindly donated by Beth Atkinson

To be added to the Tring Local History Museum Collection


  1. British Grenadier
  2. Wait for the Waggon
  3. Hearts of Oak
  4. Rule Brittannia
  5. Limerick Races
  6. Billy Patterson
  7. Yankee Doodle
  8. The 3rd Lancers Quadrille
  9. Seeing Nellie Home
  10. King of the Canabal Islands
  11. The girl I left behind me
  12. John Brown
  13. Mouse Traps
  14. I vowed I never would leave her (cont)
  15. Pull Back
  16. Motto for every man
  17. Aylesbury March
  18. Calicoes Printers Clerk
  19. My love she but a lasse yet
  20. I'm 95
  21. Nelly Gray
  22. Slap Bang
  23. Camptown Races
  24. The Captain
  25. What is life
  26. Hampstead Song
  27. Early in the morning
  28. Aunt Sally
  29. John Bull consolation
  30. Gay Cavalliers
  31. Old Folks at Home
  32. Life of a soldier
  33. Billy O'Rouke
  34. Bonepartes March
  35. Polka
  36. Garry Owen (cont)
  37. Home sweet home
  38. Old Lang Sine
  39. Yorkshireman
  40. Bandean Dance



  1. Bath Abbey

  2. Hanover


William Henry Ewer's Time Line

1851 Census at Lilley
William Ewer Head Married 58 Farmer Of 286 Acres Employing 10 Labourers Herts
Sarah Ewer Wife Married 66 Household Occupations Beds
William Ewer Son Unmarried 28 Farmers Son Limbury, Beds
Daniel Ewer Son Unmarried 24 Farmers Son Limbury, Beds
Joseph Ewer Son Unmarried 22 Farmers Son Limbury, Beds
Elizabeth Pearce Servant Unmarried 21 House Servant Hitchin
Henry Newns Servant Unmarried 59 Shepherd Heaton, Bucka
John Jackson Servant Unmarried 26 Ag Lab Limbury, Beds
Henry Cain Servant Unmarried 14 Ag Lab Lilley
Richard Bodsworth Servant Unmarried 17 In Ag Lab Lilley
James Hull Servant Unmarried 16 Ag Lab Beds
1851 Familysearch William Ewer married Susanna Blott at Barton in the Clay, Beds, on 9 July, 1851
1852 Birth Reg William Henry Ewer's birth registered Hitchin Oct-Dec 1852
1856 Herts Mercury Notice : All persons having any claim upon the Estate of Mr. William Ewer, late of Lilley , farmer, deceased ... ... date 23rd December, 1856. [Grandfather died - father takes over fame]
1861 Census at Lilley Farm, Lilley, near Hitchin
William Ewer Head Married 38 Farmer Of 296 Acres Employing 11 Labourers & 3boys Bedfordshire
Susan Ewer Wife Married 31 - Bedfordshire
William H Ewer Son - 8 - Lilley
Sarah M Ewer Daughter - 6 - Lilley
Georgina Burley - Unmarried 19 Childrens Instructor Bedfordshire
Caroline Ausell Servant Unmarried 23 General Servant Hampshire
Thomas Burr Servant - 13 Horse Keeper Bardon, Bedfordshire
Charles Webb Servant - 14 Horse Keeper Lilley
William Webb Servant - 13 Shoe Boy Lilley
Charles Bodsworth Servant Married 26 Farm Shepherd Lilley
1866   A pupil at  Prospect House School - Music Exercise Book. His headmaster was Mark Young.
1868 Luton Times

For some reason William Henry Ewer's father decided to give up the big (nearly 300 acre) farm and take a smallholding in Lilley. This notice, selling the Livestock and farming equipment on Lilley Farm appeared in the Luton Times on 12th September, 1868, for a sale on 24th September.

Other Adverts appeared in other papers, some giving more detail.

1871 Luton Times DEATHS: On the 5th inst. [January], William Henry Ewer, son of William Ewer, of Lilley, Hertfordshire, aged 18 years.
1871 Census at Lilley Village, near Hitchin
William Ewer Head Male 47 Farmer of 10 acres employing 2 men Sunbury, Bedfordshire
Susan Ewer Wife Female 41 Farmer's wife Barton, Bedfordshire
Sarah Matilda Ewer Daughter Female 16 - Lilley
Emily Davis Visitor Female 16 - Luton, Bedfordshire

Some of the music, including the "Aylesbury March," has been performed by the Tringers - a group of amateur hand bell ringers, seen here performing in Tring Church in 2016

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