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February 2001



PLEASE NOTE: When this question was asked the amount of information available online was very restricted and the only census available (on a CD) was the 1881 census. The answer given below should be carefully checked using the additional information now readily available online.

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Jennifer Brice  (mandjay @t of Waikanae, New Zealand, says she lives in New Zealand and so did my parents and grandparents. I have obtained the marriage certificate of my great grandparents from Ballarat, Australia, and this shows that my great grandfather, Alfred Mongredien born in Hertford, married Clara Shoesmith of London in Ballarat in 1866. Does anyone know of this name, MONGREDIEN, which we have always assumed to be French.


The name MONGREDIEN is extremely unusual and I can find no direct Hertfordshire references to the name in my own library. However I have found one individual who may have been the father of your Alfred who had a link with the county

In the 1881 Census the only match to the name I could find (bearing in mind transcription errors) was Augustus MONGREDIAN, who was living at 15 Park Road Villa, Lewisham, Kent. The household was





Author Of Political Evening

Jannette Anne MONGREDIAN










Adele Augusta MONGREDIAN















If we assume that your Alfred was about 21 when he married in Australia he is of an age to be a member of the above family - and the surname is so rare that hopefully there will be no difficulty in getting his birth certificate. It may also be possible to get Augustus and Jannette's marriage certificate if they were married after June 1837. Of particular interest are the servants who were born at "Ware" and "Stanstead" - with no county given. In fact Ware and Stanstead Abbots are in Hertfordshire, very close to Hertford, where you say Alfred was born. It may well be that when the family moved to Lewisham they brought their domestic servants with them - suggesting they may have lived in the Hertford area..

The fact that Augustus MONGREDIEN is described as an author immediately suggested a look at the British Library Public Catalogue A search of this site shows a large number of publications and includes his dates 1807-1888. The earliest I spotted was "Trees and Shrubs for English Plantations: a selection and description of the most ornamental trees and shrubs, native and foreign, which will flourish in the open air in our climate ... With illustrations" published in 1870. However most of his publications in the library are political such as "England's Foreign Policy; an enquiry as to whether we should continue a Policy of Intervention, etc" published in 1871. He appears to have been a member of the Cobden Club, which was a London club founded in 1866 in memory of the politician Richard COBDEN, the aim of the club being to promote free trade and peace,

This information suggested that I checked the Concise Dictionary of National Biography which contains the following entry:

MONGRÉDIEN, AUGUSTUS (1807-1888), political economist and miscellaneous writer; born in London of French parents; gradually withdrew from business and devoted himself to literary pursuits; joined National Political Union, 1831; member of the Cobden Club, 1872; received a civil list pension; wrote on free trade and botanical subjects. [Full entry will give more details]

A quick check on second hand books on sale online showed that several of his books are available second hand. In particular Michael Turner, Lorn Books, STD, Scotland are selling a bound volume of pamphlets - several by Augustus MONGREDIEN, - and such pamphlets are often very hard to come by - if you are interested in collecting things associated with your (at present assumed) ancestors.

It is worth commenting that I found only one other possibly relevant 19th century UK reference to the surname. On 16th June 1824 John Phileas MONGREDIEN married Mary Ann DUCHESNE at Allhallows London Wall, London. John could well be a brother of Augustus - and if there were children he might be another possible father for Alfred.


Jennifer Brice replied What a feast of interesting information. On further research from Australia it appears my ancestor is the last you mention - John Phileas Mongredien married at Allhallows London Wall -I will chase this up - thanks for your invaluable help.

July 2001

Philippe Mongredien (philippe.mongredien @t writes: The name Mongredien (my name) is a name from Normandy (French departement of Eure 27). The Mongredien family come from Saint Nicolas D'Attez. Augustus Mongredien  is the son of Adrien Mongredien  who emigrated to London in1802 because he was royalist.


May 2003

Moira J Stanley (mjstanley1907 @t writes: My mother's name is Mongredien and we have a family tree and would be very interested to hear from anyone wishing to find out more.

July 2003

Marie Palmer (marieleannepalmer @t writes: I have a small amount in my family tree. I have Augustus Snr  1811 Liverpool  married Jeanette Lockerby. I believe this is the right parents because their son Augustus gives a child Lockerby for a middle name. I have him marrying Clara Wornum to whom I am related. I can only assume in about 1876. I have no actual documents but must believe my Great Aunt who wrote the tree in the first place. The children's names are Adrien 1876, Alfred 1877, Phillip 1878, Eustace 1880, Clara 1882, Gerald 1883. 

As there has, as yet, been no confirmation of the family's connection with Hertfordshire, further contributions to this page will be limited to those which show a link between the family and the county. Please contact the earlier correspondents if you want to know more.


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