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 WALTON/PHIPSON, Hertfordshire, late 19th century

July 2001


Michele Berry (michele @t of Labrador, Queensland, Australia, says: I am searching for the family of my GGGG/Aunt Fanny Feyes [I have Heyes] PHIPSON (1832-1872) who was married in Edgbaston, 1867 Jun 20. to Elijah WALTON (1832-1880) Watercolour & Oil Artist- Widower. Fanny was the daughter of John PHIPSON & Mary TOMLINSON of Birmingham. Fanny was Elijah's 2nd wife as his first wife died a year after they were married while they were in Egypt where Elijah was painting in 1861.

Fanny & Elijah WALTON had 3 sons:-

1. Arthur Phipson WALTON b 1868 Jun 29 at Staines, Middlesex. (Arthur was living and working as a Shepherd in New Zealand in 1908 at Kereone Kiwitahi near at Morrinsville on the North Island).

2. Elijah Francis Heyes WALTON b 1869 Sep 4 at Bromsgrove, (I think he was called Frank).

3. William Phipson WALTON b 1871 Feb 12. At Bromsgrove. - William was placed in the Christ's Hospital School, Hertford, after the death of his father from 1880 Nov 3 to 1886 Jan, by his maternal Aunt Mary Brooke SMITH (nee Mary Ann PHIPSON). In 1886 at the end of his schooling, according to a letter written by Mary Brooke SMITH, William was to be sent to New Zealand be become a Shepherd - as of yet I have not been able to confirm this.

As the 3 boys were all orphaned in 1880, I am wondering what happened to them as I cannnot find them with any of the WALTON families. [edited to remove information clearly not relevant to Hertfordshire.]

The 1881 census CD confirms that the orphaned boys were all at boarding school.

William P. H. Walton was a pupil at Christ's Hospital School, Hertford, [details on web page] The other brothers were at similar large boarding schools in other parts of the country.

Arthur Phipson Walton was at the Bedford County School, Kempston, Beds, headmaster Thomas Henderson.

Frank Walton was at All Saints School, Bloxham, Oxon, headmaster Philip R Egerton.

I see  your GGGG grandparents were John Phipson and Mary Tomlinson. and this means that your GGGGGGG grandparents are Thomas Phipson and Elizabeth Belleme who married in Oldswimford in 1733. My wife was born Helen Phipson Rendell and this couple were her GGGGG grandparents so you have a distant "Phipson" cousin currently living in Hertfordshire. In fact I think the only other Phipson with links to Hertfordshire was the painter, Edward Arthur Phipson (1854-1931), also known as Evacustes A Phipson, who painted a number of views of St Albans (and elsewhere) in the early 20th century which are now in the St Albans Museum. As you live in Australia you will be interested to know that the Australian author Joan Phipson is a cousin, as is Bill Phipson who, a few years ago, was mayor of Hunters Hill, New South Wales. This information comes from The Phipson One Name Study, which I published in 1988.

See Watercolour Paintings of Hertfordshire by E A Phipson

June 2009

Michele reported new address information (changed above) and the following new information of Arthur Phipson Walton:

Arthur Phipson WALTON (1868-1950) married twice in New Zealand

First marriage 27/6/1894 in Hastings N.Z. to Eva Lillian BANKS (1875-1901)b New Zealand died Tamworth, NSW. Australia. Arthur & Eva had 1 surviving child Evelyn Alice Phipson WALTON(1900-1980) b Norsewood, NZ died 1980 Tauranga, NZ.

 Evelyn married 1919 at Piako, NZ, to Arthur Henry PITT (1879-1964) b Richmond Tasmania, Aust. died Hamilton, NZ. Evelyn (AKA Dot Walton) & Arthur PITT had 5 children,

Arthur Phipson WALTON 2nd marriage was to  Elizabeth Emily GRENSIDE (1879-1970) b Hawkes Bay NZ, died Thames NZ. They had no children.

I am still searching for the 2 brothers of Arthur Phipson Walton, Frank & William. Their trail ends with the 1881 census.

If you can add to the information given above tell me.


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