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December 2001

Amy Johnson, from the Eastern USA, asks Were there any persons you are aware of from the Hertfordshire area (North or South Mymms maybe) that migrated to the US, or anywhere for that matter, that had the last name of Mims?  In my research I have found a Tomas Mims that came to Virgina from Wales and Hertfordshire was listed as his birthplace.  There is some dispute over the time he came.  Some suggest he came in the late 1600's as he was born about 1637.  He married an Ann Stanford and from what I can gather he, Tomas, may have been an indentured servant for Ann's father.  One theory I have is that he, Tomas,  may have changed his last name when he came to the US and that Mims may reflect the place he came from rather than his true last name  I read your blurb on family names and the names, David, Shadrack, Linah and Robert seem to keep cropping up throughout the different generations of Mims'.

I am afraid I cannot help very much with this one, except to refer you to My Ancestors Emigrated from Hertfordshire.

An English surname such as Mim(m)s may have originated from someone who had come from a place called Mimms in perhaps the 14th century and by the 17th century there is unlikely to be any significant geographical connection between the surname and the place the family left behind three centuries or more before. Of course people change their names but it is often to conceal their origins rather than to advertise where they came from. You may find What did your Ancestor call himself of interest.

Another complication is you say that Tomas Mims came from Wales and was born in Hertfordshire without giving the source of your information. While this is possible, Hertfordshire is a long way from Wales while Herefordshire has a common border with Wales - and it is not uncommon for amateur genealogists to confuse the two. .

If you can add to the information given above tell me.

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