SCRIPPS, Barkway, 1860's

March 2002

Alan Scripps, of Lake, Isle of Wight, says:  I am new to this genealogy, so thought it would be easier to trace my Great Grandfather first as the name is uncommon. Having looked at the 1881 census it appears that the name Scripps originated from the Hertfordshire area. On the census, a Thomas Scripps (there are only 4) who appears to be the most likely candidate shows his birthplace as Barking Hertford. I only can find a barking in Essex so assume that the census should read Barkway. If possible could you confim that this is probably the case as I have ground to a halt at this point. Although I originally came from North London, my current address  does rather limit my opportunities to visit the area.

The 1881 census CD shows that Barkway, Herts, had a lot of Scripps living there - while there were none living in Barking, Essex, so your suggestion that Thomas may have come from Barkway, Herts, is a good working hypothesis. This should be comparatively easy to confirm, and you may find it useful to look at a book on researching your family, or online help, such as given here and on GENUKI. To make progress you need to know about the kinds of records available and what can be done easily wherever you live in the world. While the census is extremely useful it is important to confirm all details by buying the relevant certificates from HALS (for Hertfordshire events) or the Family Records Centre (for anywhere in England and Wales.) Thomas Scripps' marriage certificate will tell you who his father was and possibly his age. and if you believe he was born in Barkway in 1863 you can order the birth certificate online from HALS.

If you can add to the information given above tell me.

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