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SEABROOK, Leather Bottle, Leverstock Green, circa 1900

May 2002



Leverstock Green

Roy Wood (roy.wood @t bt.com) of Hemel Hempstead says: I am currently writing up the History of the Inns and Public Houses of Hemel Hempstead (Past and Present), and have been approached with some information, and a query. A Mr Seabrook called the local 'Gazette' newspaper, following my article, to ask if I had any information on the Seabrook family, who apparently, ran the Leather Bottle for around 80 years! All He could tell me was that George Seabrook was running the place in 1885 and continued to do so until his death in 1896, and then Arthur Seabrook took it over in 1897.

If you look at the Leverstock Green page on this site you will find a reference to the Leverstock Green Chronicle web site - which is run by Barbara Chapman. Not only does she have very extensive knowledge of the village - but most of it is on her web site - which is in turn indexed on www.google.co.uk. This means that a query on google for "Leather Bottle", "Leverstock Green" and "Seabrook" comes up with about half a dozen references from 1840 to 1933 and there seems little point in merely reproducing that information here.

You should find more information in the census returns on microfilms in the Hemel Hempstead Library - and in the Kelly's directories held there (and at HALS) - all of which I would have thought were absolutely essential sources for your research. Don't forget that places such as Leverstock Green are listed separately to Hemel Hempstead in some directories.

If you can add to the information given above tell me.