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The Leverstock Green Chronicle


Holy Trinity, Leverstock Green, 1849

This extremely informative site is run by Barbara Chapman and I quote from the introduction:

Since February 1994, I have been researching in depth the history of the Leverstock Green Area from prehistoric times to the present day. Any information I uncover, (either from pre-published sources including books, maps, press-cuttings, census returns, magazines, directories etc.; the collective memory of past residents of the village, or from original documents) once collated, is entered into my computer documents on the Chronicle in a strictly chronological sequence, with information concerning the source of each entry. The document thus created is called The Leverstock Green Chronicle.

Because I felt it important that every item of information could be traced easily by a reader to its source, each entry has at the end a reference in a set of square brackets. This not only satisfies curiosity, but gives recognition to the author of specific theories or information related to Leverstock Green, and enables other local historians and in particular family historians a ready means by which they can trace the information contained in the entry and use it as a starting point for further research. This is particularly helpful when original documentation from the various Record Offices has been quoted.

In an email to me Barbara said

As Leverstock Greenís local historian I have accumulated considerable knowledge concerning the families who lived in this area from the Middle Ages onwards, & this information is included in "The Leverstock Green Chronicle". In order to help family historians, I have included a list of names connected to the various properties in the area at the beginning of the entries for each century. If you think your family may have a connection with Leverstock Green you can check it out on the Leverstock Green Chronicle web-site - look under general entries for the 17th, 18th & 19th centuries, or likely year in the 20th century. If you have any queries, contact me via the web site.

I would also welcome information concerning their history from anyone who has traced family members back to Leverstock Green; in particular:

a) Descendants of Richard Hannell, (or Hannil) a blacksmith who bought property in Westwick Row in 1632, later moving to Westwick Row himself. I have copies of the will of another Richard Hannell dated 1686, (presumably grandson, son of Joseph and nephew of Matthew), also the will of his son, another blacksmith dated 1679; also further details of Hannell residence in Westwick Row until 1768 and later. Full details given under "Hannell family of Westwick Row" on Leverstock Green Web-site.

b) The FEARNLEY- WHITTINGSTALL family. Believed to have originated as brewers in the Watford area, they owned property called The Meads in Westwick Row Leverstock Green between 1828 & 1857. In July 1828 - At the Court Baron of Gorhambury etc. the widow of John Hudson testified that she had conveyed the copyhold of the Meads to Edmond Fearnley Whittingstall and Simon Child. Whittingstall paid £167 10/- for the copyhold. During 1857 - there were proceedings in Chancery concerning The Meads in Westwick Row. Finally on 10th December 1857 The Meads was sold to Viscount Folkestone and Popham. Iím interested to discover not merely the story, which led to the proceedings in Chancery, but also to establish whether or not there is a connection with the present day TV "natural" cookery presenter Hugh Fearnley-Whitinstall.

In August 2001 Barbara added extensive pages on the Queens Westminster Rifles who were based in Leverstock Green in 1914 before going to fight in France. If your ancestor was one of them Barbara would love to know.

In addition Barbara has discovered that she could trace 101 men who Served Their Country 1914-1918, 27 of whom died (out of a poulation of 649). See her site for details, including some photographs. The surnames mentioned are Aldenham, Atkins, Bennett, Bessant, Biswell, Briggs, Brinklow, Brown, Carlton, Charge, Charles, Child, Childs, Chisman, Christmas, Cole,  deBeger, Dell, Durrant, Eames, Fitjohn, Ford, Freeman, French, Glazier, Goodenough, Goodman, Haggar, Hall, Hallet, Harrowell, Hill, Hoare, Ingham, Johnson, Knox Hart, Little, Newland, Oakley, Parker, Parkins, Perkins, Randall, Rumsey, Seabrook, Sears, Secretan, Shadbolt, Sharp, Simonds, Smith, Stears, Steers, Stock, Taylor, Thorne, Timson, Turner, Warren, Webb, Webster, West, Wombwell, Woodwards and Wright.


Barbara has now introduced an "Updates and New Pages" to help regular visitors to the site, and recent updates include three articles on brickmaking in the area by Peter Ward, the first of which of which, The Leverstock Green Brickfields, is reproduced here.

see CHILD, Leverstock Green, mainly 19th century for an example of the extensive information available from this site.

There is a web page for Leverstock Green

If you can add to the information given above tell me.


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