May 2002

Mrs Glen Hickson of Weston Turville, near Aylesbury, Bucks, has provided extensive information, also available on ENG-HERTFORDSHIRE-L relating to her search for the parents of Thomas Wilshere who married Mary Izzard on 15 Oct 1825 at Hitchin St Mary. She says My ancestor is Louisa (1826) so irrespective of my other reasoning, I can connect her to Thomas WILSHERE & Mary IZZARD. The WILSHERE name came into my research early on so I have been researching them on and off for over two years. During that time I have looked at Church Records, Census Records, Muster Lists, Rent Lists and others I'm sure though I can't remember exactly what at present. After looking at so much, I'm sure you would agree, one tends to get a "feel" for the families. There are several WILSHERE families in and around Hitchin. The wealthier ones are easier to follow and once eliminated, what remains must contain mine. I accept it's possible that Thomas came from elsewhere and that the one bapt. in 1808 moved elsewhere but with the DOLLIMORE connection and living in Preston, I think it unlikely.

My question really was about my reasoning concerning her father Thomas WILSHERE. I know a lot of the info. is circumstantial but there appear to be too many coincidences for there not to be some connection. I suppose what I'm asking is, when there is no concrete evidence are reasoned assumptions acceptable? Or, if you have any suggestions on how I might obtain the concrete evidence, I'd be most grateful.

You have already followed much of the advice on How can you be certain about ... and I am, to some extent ducking your direct question. Instead I have posted a new advice page I've hit a brick wall ... which explains what I have done when I have hit difficulties in my own research. Obviously different people react differently - but my own approach has been, in effect, to say that there is some much exciting research one can do involving ones ancestors that there are better things to do than bang one's head! In fact if you stand back from the problem for a time you are more likely to find the answer if you make a fresh approach at a later date.

If you can add to the information given above tell me.