PARRETT, Stevenage, early 19th Century

September 2002

Jennifer of Erskineville, NSW,. Australia, says I am seeking the parents and marriage of Mary Ann Parrett born 1821 at Stevenage. She married Henry Griggs about 1840. In 1851 census the family are at Hitchin Hill, Stevenage Her grand daughter migrated to Australia.

1851 Census: Hitchin Hill, Stevenage

GRIGGS, Henry, m, 32, carpenter, Chel?? Essex (believe this is Chelmsford)
GRIGGS, Mary Ann, m, 30, dressmaker, Stevenage, Herts
GRIGGS, Ann P, um, 11 ,straw platter,  London: (after checking LDS Ann's middlename is Parrett mother Mary Ann Parrett??)
GRIGGS, Elizabeth, 9, Straw Platter, South Bem?? Essex

1881 census: Golden Lane Baths B27, St Luke, London,Middlesex

Henry GRIGGS, m, 63, Chelmsford, Essex, Carpenter (Out of work)
Mary Ann GRIGGS, m, 62, Stevenage, Hertford
Fredrick GRIGGS, 20, Hammersmith, Middlesex
Thomas GRIGGS, 18, Hammersmith, Middlesex

I also received email re this family there were eight children one Mary Ann - when I located her marriage certificate father Henry Griggs, carpenter. I now believe that I am looking for the marriage of Mary Ann Parrett and Henry Griggs at Hertford and Mary Ann's parents. LDS lists Mary Ann Parratt, christened 30th July 1820 at Stevenage Hertford. Father Thomas Parratt mother Ann

You have to be careful in assuming that because a child was given the name Parrett/Parratt this was her mother's maiden name - although in this case it may well be. One of many possibilities is that Ann might have been born (and registered) as Ann Parrett and took the name Ann Parrett Griggs when her mother married later.  If you purchase Ann Parrett Griggs birth certificate in circa 1840 this will tell you her mother's maiden name. Unless you are very unlucky Henry and Mary Ann will have married after June 30th 1837 and before Ann was born - so hopefully there should be no great problem in purchasing their marriage certificate - which will confirm her full name, and that of her father. (I am not sure why you think the marriage took place in Hertford - which is a town in Hertfordshire - and unless you have good reason to believe this is correct I would suggest that you don't specify the area in you request for their certificate.)

January 2003

Jennifer reports: Just a quick note I located the marriage and birth certificates of Parratt and Griggs and mother was a Mary Ann Parratt born 1820 Stevenage.

If you can add to the information given above tell me.