AYLMER, Ickleford, died 1766

October 2002

Carol Battin of West Virginia, USA, writes: Henry Aylmer, 3rd Baron of Balrath, Meath, Captain - Royal Navy, died near Ickleford, Hertfordshire, in  1766 and was buried at Greenwich, Kent.  Was Henry Aylmer a property owner in Hertfordshire? Did he die visiting a resident of Herts?

Ickleford is a small village (population in 1841 of 570), just north of the town of Hitchin, and historically almost completely surrounded by Bedfordshire. A quick check of the Victoria County History for Hertfordshire reveals nothing relevant to Aylmer for the village which would suggest they didn't own any significant property there.  In addition you don't say where the statement that he died "near Ickleford" came from and this statement seems surprising in view of the small size of the village, as "near" usually indicates the reference is to an even smaller and less significant place ....

In following this up further you should realise that there will be no formal Hertfordshire based-record of the death as civil registration only started in 1837, while the Church recorded burials. His will could well give information about the property he owned - including any in Hertfordshire. If he died when he was staying with relatives it is likely that his family tree is already well documented and you should check if any lived in Hertfordshire (or just over the boundary in Bedfordshire). However he may died while travelling, either in an accident or in a roadside inn, or while out hunting .... There could well be no surviving records.

If you haven't already done so you could ask HALS to check their indexes but if these prove negative it is likely that you will need to follow up records relating to his title from sources outside Hertfordshire.

If you can add to the information given above tell me.