WINFIELD, Watford, late 19th Century

October 2002

Alistaire Winfield of San Antonio,Texas, USA is trying to find out information on my Grandfather and Great Grandfather namely Edwin Arthur Winfield born 1884 and Henry Winfield born 1854 Watford / Bushey areas in Hertfordshire. Edwin's spouse is Mary Jane Seabrook.

You don't mention your sources, and I am wondering whether you are aware of some of the important resources that have come online in recent months.  For instance the the 1881 census is now available at familysearch and a search for "Henry Winfield" living in Watford born about 1854 (plus/minus 5 years) will give you details of someone who is probably your great grandfather. There are a number of other Winfield families in the area which may well be relatives, and at least one old enough to be your great great grandfather. The 1901 census is also online - I haven't checked it but it should only take you a few minutes - but it may show your Edwin still at home with his parents, plus information on other close relatives.

The census information should give you enough information to get the key birth and marriage certificates - and where these relate to Hertfordshire they may be ordered from HALS. The IGI at familysearch is weak on baptisms and marriages in the later part of the 19th century but the British Vital Records Index (available at a very reasonable price) definitely has a large number of entries for Winfield for Watford and Bushey - some of which are undoubtedly related to you. If you don't want to buy, I am sure you can consult it at you nearest LDS Family History Centre (address on familysearch), who will be able to obtain most key sources for you.

May I suggest you chase up the above references and if you have still got some questions when you have done so (and I am sure you will have - as in genealogy every question answered uncovers a wealth of others to be answered) feel free to come back and ask again.

If you can add to the information given above tell me.