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Pupils  at Thomason House, Haileybury, Summer 1914





James Stuart Carnegie Alexander

12 Stephen Ernest Axten
42 Harold Schofield Barrand
28 Wilfred Eustace Buller Bateman
27 Harold Richard Bettinson
11 Richard Forde Bourne
43 Henry Lambton Carr
47 Oswald Emerson Chapman
9 Alan St. George Colthurst
13 Herbert Neville Colthurst
46 Cyril Conner
5 Marc Albert Pierre Diamant
14 Vivian Martin Harvey
39 Denis John Hawkins
36 Harold James Holbein Hendley
22 Patrick McLeod Innes
30 Arthur Cyril Chilton Johnson
21 Theodore Garnett Jones
33 David Marshall Lang
4 Edward George Langstaff
35 Arthur Augustus Lee (House Master, 1899-1919)
29 Hugh Nugent Leveson-Gower
7 George Lionel Spencer Lightfoot  [Wrong initials - P D]
24 Arthur Lord
10 Arthur Lindsay Lyell
26 Walter Howden Lyell
18 Christopher Arthur Ranken McRae
38 Brian Harford Morrison
32 Fredericl Lionel Mullis
40 Gerard Hamlyn Noel
2 Edwin Kenneth Page
  6 Allan Thomas George Cumberland Peachey [Wrong initials - D H]
45 Arthur Lunniss Powell
  8 Robert Edward Wychenford Sandall [Wrong initials R S]
17 Thomas Bernard Washbourn Sandall [Wrong initials R K]
25 George Norman Duff Sinclair
44 George Laurence Tatham
37 Terence Howard Tatham
1 Dennis Trevelyan
19 Alexander Lindsay Turnbull
23 Edmund Robert Bruce Upton
3 Arthur James Boileau Vincent [Wrong initials D E]
34 Herbert Basil Vincent
41 Arthur Christopher Fenwick Warner
16 Cecil Arthur Winch
20 Andrew Barkworth Wright [? H R W Rite ?]
31 Frederick Walter Young

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Identifying the pupils: The picture has the names of the pupils written at the bottom and, making allowances for handwriting,  it has been possible to match all surnames with the 8th edition of the Haileybury Register . In a few cases the initials on do not match the full name given in the register - and where this has happened it has been noted.

Dating the picture: All the pupils where there is no uncertainty in initials were there for the Summer 1914 term with one exception. The exception is Terence Howard Tatham, who joined in the Autumn term. However his brother was already at the school and he may have joined towards the end of the summer term.

Photographer: Soame, Oxford. - The image is of high quality as this detail shows:

A. L. Powell,      C. Conner,      D. E. Chapman,     T. P. Tatham

Hertfordshire Pupils - Details from Register

Edwin Kenneth Page. b. 23 Jan. 98, son of G. E. Page, Baldock. m. 21, Kate, d. of G. H. Arthur, Barbados. Th. 12.2-15.2. Vl. R.M.A. J5. Capt. R.A. France 16-18. M.C. 17. p.s.c. 29. Bt.-Maj. 35. G.S.O. 2nd Grade at W.O. 36. B.E.F. 40. D.S.O. 45. Brig. 46. O.B.E. 46. Comdr. of Carribean Area 48-51. C.B. E. 51. Ret. 52. Club: Army and Navy. Address: Brig. E. K. Page, C.B.E., D.S.O., M.C., Ashley, West Stour, Gillingham, Dorset, or c/o Lloyds Bank, R. Section.


Brian Harford Morrison, b 31 October, 1898, s. of G. Morrison, St Albans. Thomason House 1913.3 to 1915.3. R.M.C,. Lt. 22nd Punjabis. Died at Quetta of wounds received on Afgan Frontier, 9 June, 1919.