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SORREL(L), Cheshunt, Early 18th century

January, 2012




Janet Pritchard.(jpritcha @t nor.com.au) from Australia asked last year: I do hope I can find out something of my past ancestors William Sorrel and wife Sarah Sorrel they appeared on the 1841 census, in Turners Hill, Cheshunt William, aged 45 and Sarah 45. Children Sarah 20, George 15, Mary 13, Henry 11, Charlotte 9, James 7, Joseph 5, my ancestor who would be aged 17 was Ann Sorrel who later married a William John Norris in 29/8/1844 Cheshunt Hertfordshire. I can't connect Ann to William and Sarah Sorrel this information appeared on Ann's death certificate in Australia. I also having a hard time in finding out when William John Norris and Ann came out to Australia they had William aged 5 Shoreditch, John Norris aged 3 Cheshunt, and Eliza Norris aged 11months Shoreditch. After they settled in Australia they had 3 more children Alfred born 1859, Frederick born 1861 and Henry J born 1863 who is my connection.

You don't mention the sources you have used and a check showed that at least some of the information you require is on the familysearch web site using information which has only recently come on line. Combining some of the information on this site, with some census information and some burial information from the Herts Family History Society CD I have been able to draw up the following partial summary of the children of William and Sarah - the christening and marriage details confirming that Ann was William's daughter.

  Baptisms at Cheshunt 1841 census 1851 census Married Buried
Sarah 16 July 1815 Cheshunt      
William 27 April 1817   Marylebone Yes  
James 25 Oct 1818 - - - 28 June 1825 (Inquest)
George 8 July 1821 Cheshunt Marylebone    
Jane 16 February 1823 - Broxbourne Married Frederick Jordan in 1849  
Ann 27 February, 1825 -   Married William John Norris in 1844  
Mary 1 April 1827 Cheshunt      
Henry 18 May 1828 Cheshunt Bath, Somerset Yes  
Charlotte [1832] Cheshunt - - 1st December 1844
James [1834] Cheshunt      
Joseph 27th Dec 1835 Cheshunt      

At the time of the 1841 census Jane and Ann were quite possibly employed as live-in domestic servants in houses somewhere in the South East of England. William had also left home.

As William and Ann Norris had moved to Shoreditch before moving to Australia there are unlikely to be any Hertfordshire records relating to the time and manner of the emigration - so the question is not really relevant to the site.. As far as I am aware the Australian records are far more likely to be helpful. In addition there appears to be a gap in the children often children turned up regularly ever couple of years. So did other children emigrate to Australia with the family - or were some born at Shoreditch and died (perhaps from diphtheria). For this reason you may find it useful to check the Shorditch records.

If you can add to the information given above tell me.

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