WILSON or WILLSON, St  Albans, circa 1790

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St Albans

An anonymous comment relating to the page WILLSON, Governors of Hertford Goal, 1756-1838 read: Exploring possible connection of an "Elizabeth Wilson/Willson who appears in the 1851 Census in Surrey as a 60 y.o. Occupation - "Fundholder & Houses," born 1791 @ St Michaels Hertfordshire attracted my attention

As the Herts County Records Volume IX includes the following references to the Liberty of St Albans contains the following entries I decided to look further:

Easter Session 1797: Appointment of William Wilson, of Burston Farm, in the Parish of St Stephen, farmer, as chief constable, [of the Liberty of St Albans] in the room of Samuel Dagnall, deceased. Sessions Book II/165 [Samuel Dagnall became chief constable in 1782]

Midsummer 1799: Appointment of John Cockford, of Slowman's Farm, in the Parish of St Stephen, farmer, as high or chief constable in the room of William Wilson. Sessions Book II/277 & Draft Sessions Book III/129

A check on the census showed six unmarried sisters, including Elizabeth (spelt Wilson or Willson), living together in the following censuses

1841: Staverton Row, St Mary Newington, Lambeth, Surrey

1851: Newgrove House, Kewfoot Lane, Richmond, Surrey

1861: 23, Edith Villas, Fulham, London

A check of the Hertfordshire Parish Registers shows the following children  were baptised to William and Elizabeth Wilson:

Name as recorded Date of Baptism Place of Baptism

Sarah Wilson

13 June 1784 Bushey

David Wilson

6 May 1787 St Michaels

Mary Ann Willson

14 December 1788 St Michaels

Elizabeth Wilson

1 August 1790 St Michaels

Susannah Wilson

26 February 1792 St Michaels

Sophia Willson

13 July 1794 St Albans Abbey


[1804] [Newington, Surrey]

David Willson turns up in the 1851 census as "formerly coach builder" living at 5, Bridge Road, Hammersmith.

As there were several people called William Wilson in the area at the time one can not be certain that the William who was made chief constable of the Liberty of St Albans was the same person as the William who fathered the above family. However at some date between 1794 and 1804 the latter William moved from Hertfordshire to Newington, Surrey and the detail Sessions Records at HALS might explain why William gave up the post of chief constable in 1799.

If you can add to the information given above tell me.

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