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Football Club, Sandridge, 1912-1913



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Photographed by H. W. Lane, 43 St Peters Street, St Albans


The individuals are easily recognisable in the enlarged image as this example shows.

My Grandfather, Harry Finch Reynolds,  farmed at Sandridge between about 1920 and 1940 so he and my father would almost certainly known members of this team - but who are they?

April 2007

Alan Culpitt (alan.culpitt @t of Morpeth, Northumberland. wrote: I can identify 2 members of the 1912-1913 Football team.  Middle row on the right is my Grandfather Horace Hunt and bottom row at the left is his brother Edgar Hunt.

The 1901 census shows Edgar (3) and Horace (1) as sons of George Hunt (grocer) and his wife Martha, with older brothers William (9) and Alan (7). The 1912 Kelly's Directory for Hertfordshire lists George Henry Hunt as one of four grocers in Sandridge.

If you can identify the names of any individuals please tell me.


From The Non-League Football Grounds of Hertfordshire

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