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My Ancestors were Quakers

by Edward H Milligan & Malcom J Thomas

Published by the Society of Genealogists

Latest edition 1999 [ISBN 1 85951 404 9]

This is a general guide to Quaker Records and while it does not have anything particular to say about Hertfordshire it is an essential introduction to the Quaker records which are unique among the non-conformist records. The reason is that register books began to be kept by Quaker meetings from the late 1650's. The registers record births (Quakers did not baptise their children), marriages and burials (often with date of death). When some registers were begun the adult members added their birth dates so some registers contain much earlier dates.

Main Headings

Institutions & Societies
Quaker Origins & Organisation
Birth, Marriage & Burial Registers, England & Wales
Birth, Marriage & Burial Registers, Scotland & Ireland
Structure of Meetings for Church Affairs
Women's Meetings
Ministers, Elders, Overseers & Their Meetings
Finance & Property
Friends Overseas
Schools & Other Institutions
Miscellaneous Sources of Information

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Where God had a People ,
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