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Where God had a People

Quakers in St Albans over Three Hundred Years

by Clifford Crellin

Published by the St Albans Preparative Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

1999 [ISBN 0 9536729 0 5]

An excellent specialist history - with good illustrations. One of the goodies for the genealogist is a copy of the document (ref HALS QPE/4) signed by the Quakers of Hertfordshire affirming at the election of the Knights of the Shire in 1697. They were:

John Stout, Wm. Rudd, Rich. Thomas, James Wethered* , John Addams, John Beale, Jonathan ?, Edward North, Thomas Beech, Thomas Barrey, John Weedon*, John Killiee?, Jon Nickels?, George Edridge?, Thos. Scales X, Simon Millward, Edward Halsey*, John Foster, Philip Thomson, George Welsh, Henry Rayner, John Waller, John Archdell, James Clark, James Appleby, Will Okeley, Edmund How*, Zachary Neale**, Robert Dimsdale*, Joseph Wllkinson, Will Barker, Richard Rarnsey, Charles Schooling, H. Exton, George Robins, John Gladman, Jno. Tailor, Thos. Nickolls, George Wilshere, Wm Scales X, William Lucas, John O Taylor, Edward Penyfeather, Nathaniel Bray, Tho.Fish, Anthony Fage*, Jo. Tingay, Will X Kent, John Siggins, Wm. Loddington, John Ir...? Senr, Edw. H. Foskin, Jonathan Blewitt, Francis Pye/Pyin?, Nicholas King, Henry H Sweeting, Robert More, Thos. Kent, John Goodman, Williann Page, Thomas Pryor, Thomas Baldock, Henry Stevens*, Stephen Crow, Joseph Jaques, John Lattemore, Peter Cawdell, William Starwood, Samuel Pryor, John Miles/Mills?, Isaac Fairman, Tom ?Mills.

All presumably will have been residents of Hertfordshire. An X indicates that the person was unable to write their own signature - the others occurring on the document. An asterisk indicates they are known to have been associated with the St Albans Meeting.

The St Albans Quaker web site is at and includes a brief history of the St Albans Quakers on the information in this book. It also says copies are available from the Meeting.

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