Hertfordshire's Past


Hertfordshire's Past

Number 53

Autumn 2002

This booklet contains four main articles of interest.

Richard Clutterbuck of Watford
Country Historian and topographer
by Nicholas Connell

Little has been written of the life and work of Robert Clutterbuck whose History and Antiquities of the County of Hertfordshire in three volumes was published between 1815-1827. This could possibly be due to the fact that his extensive collection of papers on the compilation of his great work on the county was not discovered until the opening of a lead-lined box in a Harpenden bank vault. J These, along with many other diverse sources can now give a fuller picture of the eventful life of this Watford native and worthy.

see Robert CLUTTERBUCK, Watford, Visit to Wales in 1799


Monks Wood and Whomerley Wood
An historical and field survey in Stevenage
by Delvine Beckley

This study was undertaken during 1995, as part of a course on Landscape History and Field Archaeology run by the Cambridge Board of Continuing Education. The overall aims of the project were to identify the possible uses, and the reasons for survival, of two small adjoining pockets of woodland in Stevenage, namely Monks Wood and Whomerley Wood. This was achieved through a survey of surviving earthworks in the woods, and documentary research.

Going, Going, Gone ...
The Professional Excursions of an Auctioneer
by Malcolm Tomkins

When Joy Tomkins was sifting through her late husband's papers she came across this unpublished draft. It makes a fine addition to Graham Jave's collection of papers published as 'So that was Hertfordshire' and we include it as a tribute to Malcolm Tomkins' unique contribution to the history of Hertfordshire.

More About Hertfordshire Windmills
by Ed Goatcher and Tom Doig

It is now nearly four years since the publication of Cyril Moore's Hertfordshire Windmills and Windmillers and even longer since he completed his researches and his initial article in Hertfordshire's Past 19 (Autumn 1985). Inevitably, with the passage of time, additional information becomes available which augments and clarifies previously published work. This article sets out material which has recently become available concerning windmills in Anstey, Barkway, Reed and Much Hadham.



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