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The Parish Register and Tithing Book of Thomas Hassall of Amwell

Edited by Stephen G. Doree

Hertfordshire Record Society

Published 1989 (ISBN 0 9510728 4 6)

Thomas Hassall 1573-1657

Amwell village in Hertfordshire, about twentie miles from London, not so obscure in itself (if wee consider eyther aptness of the seate, sweetness of the ayre, delicacy of the soyle, mixture of pleasant hills and fertile valleys, thicke woods and serviceable rivers, both fitly and plentifully enterlaced, all which may yeild both pleasure and profit to the inhabitants) as by reason that it is overtopt by foure towns of note barring it on either side from the eye of observation (Hartford to the west, Stansted to the east, Ware to the north and Hodsdon to the south.

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