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A History of

Welwyn Garden City

Roger Filler

Phillimore, 1986, ISBN 85033 590 6

Hardback, 25 * 19 cm, xii + 180 pages, many illustrations.


The Cottage Hospital

An attractively produced book, with plenty of history along with a good number of pictures, although these are note quite the quality of some more recently produced books which a purely of photographs, including some of the leading personalities involved. One of these was the first Chairman of Welwyn Garden City District Council, William Cooper Horn. (W. C. Horn is a cousin of mine, being the grandson of Thomas Cox, 1794-1874, with information about him, and his father on HORN, Handside, Welwyn/Hatfield, 19th century.)

Contents: Ideas and Ideals; The Second Experiment; Foundations; The Veins of the City; Leisure and Pleasure; City Scholars; Highways and Homes; 'Making it in Welwyn;; City Limits; Brave New Town.

There is a good index.

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