Digital Atlas of England

Annual Report


The Digital Atlas of England Foundation is a privately funded not-for-profit project established in November 2006 to undertake the photographic documentation of Englandís architectural and artistic heritage using digital techniques. The Foundation is managed by a board of trustees. The Project Director is Mr C B Newham BSc. The current archive includes just over 300,000 digital images covering nearly two thirds of Englandís villages and towns The archive is particularly rich in ecclesiastical images. The aim is to complete the country within the next ten to fifteen years. The entire collection of over 700,000 digital images will then be made available to the public and researchers. [from the Digital Atlas of England web site.]

Thee report is available as a pdf download and it a very well produced document with excellent pictures, This year's report is of particular interest to this site because it contains a very detailed article on the Turner Monument in Therfield Church.

Monument to Sir Thomas Salusbury & wife, 1777 by J. Nollekens at St Mary Magdalene, Offley, Hertfordshire.   St Paulís Walden (Herts), 18th century screen to the chancel.        The Turner Monument at Therfield , Hertfordshire   
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