Election Bribery in St Albans in 1850


Old Herts


St Albans

After the 1850 Parliamentary Election a report was published entitled:

the Commissioners
to inquire into the
Existence of Bribery
in the
Borough of St Albans
together with
The Minutes of Evidence
Appendix and Index

 This bulky document includes a verbatim report of the evidence of well over 300 witnesses from St Albans, together with a copy of the 1847 poll book and lists of the people who received bribes in the 1847 and 1850 election.

The following people were responsible for distributing bribes in the 1850 election:

Aguter, Benjamin, senior
Alridge, Henry
Blagg, Thomas Ward
Douglas, Joseph
Edwards, Henry
Hutson, David
Johnson, John, junior
Lines, Robert
Lowe, Richard Grove
Mead, Joseph
Munns, James
Wilkins, Edward, senior.

The full document may be inspected in the British Library. The St Albans Central Library has a partial photocopy.

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