The History of Hunting in Hertfordshire

by Major Douglas Neale

A series of articles published in the Hertfordshire Countryside

Old Herts

Hertfordshire Countryside


The Puckeridge Hunt: 1725-1946 (by M F)   Summer 1946
Early Hunting in Hertfordshire   Autumn 1946
The Hertfordshire Hunt   Winter 1946
The Old Berkeley Hunt   Spring 1947
The Eastern Counties Otter Hunt   Summer 1947
 Aldenham Harriers   Autumn 1947
The South Hertfordshire Beagles   Spring 1948

The Enfield Chase Foxhounds   Summer 1948
The Old Berkeley Beagles   Autumn 1948
The Berkhamsted Buckhounds   Winter 1948
Enfield Chase Staghounds   Spring 1949
The Jelly Dogs of Widford and West Lodge   Summer 1949
Beagles of Bushey Heath and Berkhamsted   Autumn 1949
The Rothschild Hounds   Winter 1949
Hertfordshire Sporting Personalities   Spring 1950
Otter Hunting in Hertfordshire   Summer 1950
Draghunting in Hertfordshire   Autumn 1950
Some Sporting Characters of the 1930s   Spring 1951
November Meet at Kings Walden

The above represent a vary important series of articles covering the history of hunting with hounds in Hertfordshire, which includes many names of the masters of the hounds, huntsmen, the location of kennels, etc.

The issues for this period also include a regular column, by "Drifter", which gives details of the activities of that active hunts. For instance in Spring 1947 it reports on the Puckeridge Foxhounds, Hertfordshire Foxhounds, Old Berkley (East) Foxhounds, Enfield Chase Foxhounds, Aldenham Harriers, South Herts Beagles, Old Berkley Beagles and East Counties Otterhounds.

The articles also stimulated many contributions to the Readers Forum - one of which records a pack of hounds in 1688, containing significant additional information.

From Reginald L. Hine, F .S.A., Willian Bury, Letchworth  [Spring 1947]

Major Neale, in his admirable account of "The Hertfordshire Hunt" [Winter 1946] writes of the Puckeridge and Hertfordshire countries being at one time hunted by one pack, dating from 1725. I have often felt that it should be possible to discover notes of packs in private hands before that date; and a solicitor in Jersey has just told me of finding in his office the will of Francis Breton of Clothall, dated May 17, 1688, under which a "one­eyed black stone horse called Slovin" was bequeathed to the testator's brother-in­law, his "black coach gelding to Captain Gilby," and to his groom John Burras "my sorrel stone horse called Robin, a black gelding called Tinker, and all my hounds."

I leave it to your readers to go on hunting, and with luck they may run still earlier references to earth.

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