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The plan, when time is available, is to produce a brief summary of the stag hunts, fox hunts and harriers in Hertfordshire up to the First World War.  In the mean time I list pages on this web site that refer to various aspects of hunting.

A Hertfordshire Hounds Calendar  which shows the December 1897 programme including details of a hunt on Harpenden Common on 11th December 1897


The Hounds meet on Harpenden Common
Postcard (early divided back) posted in Harpenden as a Xmas card in December 1904

The History of Hunting in Hertfordshire (Articles in the Hertfordshire Countryside)

Hertfordshire Hunting Notes (Newspaper account of hunt with Hertfordshire Hounds in 1885)

The Bever Pack of Harriers in 1890 (Newspaper account, master Jacob Reynolds of Heath Farm)

The Old Berkley Hunt at Shendish in 1890 (short newspaper cutting)

Aldenham Harriers (The book Hare & Hounds plus many pictures of 1911 meet)

The Puckeridge Foxhounds (Article in Hertfordshire Countryside)

Lays of the  Hertfordshire Hunt (Book of poetry by George Robins, 1912)


Meet at the Bonar Law Memorial College, Ashridge House
From The Hertfordshire Hunt, 1933


The Hertfordshire Hunt (Booklet by William Scarth-Dixon, 1933)

The Staghounds at Cuckman's in 1889 (Newspaper article)

Hunting Hares (Roman pottery)


Lord Rothschild's Staghounds hunting in the Chiltern Hills, post card by J T Newman, Berkhamsted

Lord Rothschild's Staghounds

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