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The above copy of the heading of the paper comes from the online article on the paper by Bob Nunn.

There is a bound copy of the 80 issues that were published in Watford Central Library.

The Watford Company of the 1st Battalion Herts Regiment marching from Clarendon Hall, Wednesday, August 5th, for Active Service.

13th August 1914

Troops passing up High Street, Monday August 17th

The London Scottish

The 2nd London Division arrives in Hertfordshire

 22nd August 1914 issue

Artillery at foot of Clay Hill

Artillery passing through Bushey on Sunday

Marching through Kings Langley
(29th August issue)


We're well on our way
In the Berlin Express.
The Bulldog - he's going it fine,
You can see by his stride
And the name on his side
He's a winner, he'll break the line.

Private W. Hunter 1/2 2nd London Regiment

 Reprinted in the Watford Illustrated.

The Royal Field Artillery (T.F.) in Cassiobury Park
March 20th 1915 issue

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