Batchwood Camp

St Albans, World War One


In August 1914 the 2nd London Division moved to their war station in the St Albans area (see The London Gunners come to Town), and army camps were set up over a large area of West Hertfordshire. These continued through much of the First World War, and one of these camps was known as Batchwood Camp, which appears to have existed in the Summer of 1915

North Staffs Lines, Batchwood Camp, St Albans, First World War, September 1915; PC by Christmas   North Staffs Lines, Batchwood Camp, St Albans, September 1915

Photo: L. L. Christmas St Albans

North Staffs, Batchwood, 1915

St Albans Museum

Briton's Camp, St Albans, location unknown, was in existence at a similar date.

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