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Timber Merchant

A. E. Massey

London Road, St Albans



St Albans

Among the old-established and respected firms of St. Albans that of Mr. A. E. Massey holds an honoured position. Its business premises occupy a commanding position on the main London Road, and its activities comprise every branch of timber work.

Viewing the big stocks of timber—oak, ash, elm, etc.— which are always on hand, one realises to what an extent timber is an essential of daily life for home, office, farm or garden. In addition to native raw and rough woods, there are always comprehensive stocks of imported deals, battens, matchings, floorings, etc.

Ladders, barrows, gates, and similar articles are made on the premises, and rustic timber is supplied and erected for garden pergolas, seats and arches.

Mr. Massey is district stockist for Beaver Board, and his Office, always open for inspection, forms an excellent advertisement of this attractive panelling. Fencing of all kinds is a speciality, only the best material and workmanship being employed. Firewood, both in bundles and logs for burning, is supplied at reasonable prices.

Estimates are given for anything connected with timber, and the closest attention is given to the smallest order.

From St Albans, The Official Guide, circa 1923

See also MASSEY, St Albans, circa 1866-1930

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