Tring in War Time, 1914-1919


Extracts from the Bucks Herald of 14th November, 1914

Edited from British Newspaper Archive

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The Schools. - The children reassembled on Tuesday morning at their new quarters in various parts of the town. All the town schools are now in the hands of the military authorities, and are being prepared for hospital purposes.



On Saturday the soldiers are returning to billets in Tring. The recent rains have made it almost impossible for the men to remain under canvas. Sufficient huts are now complete to accommodate the 64th Brigade, but the 62nd and 63rd Brigades are to be moved into billets until the huts are ready for them. Two Battalions - the 12th and 13th - of the Northumberland Fusiliers are coming to Tring, and arrangements for their accommodation have been made by Police-Sergt. H. Baldock.

* * * *

As all the public buildings in Tring are now engaged, the question of providing recreation rooms for the troops presented a serious problem. The difficulty will be met, it is said, by bringing one of the large Y.M.C.A. tents from Halton and erecting it in the town.

* * * *

The Tring Branch of the National British Women's Temperance Association have opened the ground floor of the premises next the Post Office as a soldiers' room, where light refreshments can be obtained at very low rates. It was felt by the Committee that something of the kind was greatly needed under the present circumstances, therefore the effort was made and it is hoped that the room may be used as a helpful and pleasant resort by those for whom it is intended. The Committee wish to thank most heartily all those friends who so kindly helped by contributing in the opening of the room.



The Herts Regiment sailed quietly from Southampton on Thursday, 5th inst., and it is believed that at the present moment they are in France, preparing to take their place in the fighting line. In the County Regiment there are some 17 men from Long Marston, 8 or 10 from Tring - Lieutenant G. Macdonald Brown among the number - and some from Marsworth, Wigginton and Cholesbury. The embarkation was so quietly carried out that very few people - apart from the nearest friends of the men themselves - knew that they had quitted these shores. The fortunes of these brave young fellows will be followed with the greatest interest and concern by their neighbours at home.



The Empire Meat Company have closed their Tring Shop. They explain that the step is due partly to the difficulty of obtaining supplies, and partly to the fact that so many of their assistants have volunteered for the front. They hope to re-open when things are more normal.


* * * *

Intercessions in connection with the war were offered as usual at the Parish Church on Tuesday morning, and Wednesday and Friday evenings. The weekly United Free Church prayer meeting was held at High Street on Wednesday.



Summary of other news

Report of the death  of Mr. William Batchelor, 88, of King Street, Tring, and formerly a brickmaker of Wigginton and Hastoe,. He was buried in the Akeman Street Burial Ground. There is a long list of relatives attending (surnames Batchelor, Bovington, Howlett & Saunders) down to some great grandchildren.

A detailed account of the annual meeting of the Tring and District Boy Scouts' Association (many names given) included Many Scouts in the district have been actively engaged in helping the police and military authorities and the Committee undertook to defray the cost of bucycle hire for Scouts engaged in public service and any out-of-pocket expensed incurred by the Scouts or their parents in the discharge of such service.


At the monthly Urban District Council Meeting there was a long discussion about the use of the Isolation Hospital by the military, if needed. Other issues were

  •  Pollution of the pond in Grove Park was an issue.

  • Some frontagers in Longfield Road had not yet paid toward the road being made up by the council.

  • It was agreed that the town Surveyor should have a telephone.

  • Cottages in Bunstrux were made available for Belgium Refugees.

  • Two of the three vacancies in the Fire Brigade were filled by John Williams and Frank Wood.

Edited from British Newspaper Archive

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