Tring in War Time, 1914-1919


Extracts from the Bucks Herald of 21st November, 1914

Edited from British Newspaper Archive

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There are many references in this week's Bucks Herald to the death of Lord Roberts and the paper printed this earlier picture of him by J.T. Newman, of Berkhamsted.

He is inspecting the Royal Bucks Hussars on Tring Hill - not far from where I am living at the moment!


With the return of the men to billets, Tring has assumed its military aspect once more. Two Battalions of the Northumberland Fusiliers are lodged in the town, and their training is going on every day from early morning till tea-time. The headquarters of the 12th Battalion are at the Racquet Court, Rose and Crown Hotel, the staff of the 13th Battalion being housed at "Guestling" Western Road.

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The Y.M.C.A. rooms have not been commandeered for military purposes, and are still open every day as reading and recreation rooms for the soldiers. One of the Y.M.C.A. tents has been erected in the meadow at the end of the town, which is locally known as "The Green Man Meadow," and is greatly appreciated by the soldiers, who make use of it freely.

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The museum annex has been taken by the R.A.M.C. for the purposes of medical inspection. The baths in the basement are still used by the soldiers.

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Parade services for the troops will be held at the Parish Church on Sunday morning. There will be a soldiers' celebration at 7.15 a.m.

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The movement for the formation of a civilian guard for the men above the age of enlistment is assuming practical shape. Mr. William Smith, who suggested the formation of the guard to the Urban District Council, is taking an active part in the movement, in conjunction with a committee of the Council.


The visit of his Majesty the King to inspect the various Brigades of the 21st Division on Wednesday gave unbounded satisfaction to the men, who were delighted to know that the King took so great an interest in the progress they are making with their training. The King who motored from Buckingham Palace, arrived at the Headquarters of the Division at Tring shortly after ten. Here his motor was brought to a stand, and Sir Edward Hutton, the Lieut.-General commanding the Division, joined his Majesty, and they proceeded to Halton Park. There was a large crowd assembled near the Headquarters, who loudly cheered the King on his arrival, and as he drove away he acknowledged their greetings by frequent salutes. Cheering crowds lined the street all through the town, and the greatest enthusiasm was displayed.

[There was also a very detailed account

of the activities at Halton Park]

... The King left Town soon after nine o'clock, and accompanied by his Equerry, Major Clive Wigram, motored to Halton, via Watford, Berkhamsted and Tring. At each of these places the King's car - the only one in England privileged to travel without an identification plate - was recognised, and His Majesty was cheered as he sped by. At Berkhamsted and Tring especially large numbers awaited his arrival, and although he was in an enclosed car, many were able to catch a glimpse of their King. ...

Other Tring Related News

CINEMATOGRAPH ENTERTAINMENTS. - A picture hall on up-to-date lines and fitted with all modern improvements has been erected  in Halton Park for the entertainment  of the soldiers encamped there. The undertaking is in the hands of Mr. P. J. Darvill, of the Tring Picture Hall, who has secured the sole right of catering for this form of amusement.

MARRIAGE. - On Saturday morning Miss Gertrude Hiller was quietly married at the Parish Church to Mr Fletcher, until recently one of the Tring Park garden staff. Miss Miller has been for some years an assistant at Gravelly Infant Schools, and has taken an active part in the various organisations connected with the church and parish. Their many friends will unite in wishing Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher much happiness in their new home in Surrey.



GRANGE. - On Nov. 16th, at Tring Grove, Tring, after a short illness, Ellen (Nellie), wife of Herbert Grange, aged 52 years.

[There is a detailed account of the funeral,

with a long list of those attending.]


TRING. - To be Let, unfurnished, in the centre of town, standing well back from the main road, Dwelling House containing 2 Reception Rooms, 4 Bedrooms, Bath Room. Good Offices, Garage and outbuildings. Old-fashioned Garden. Company's water. To be let from Christmas next. Rent 30 per annum, tenant paying rates.


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