Assault on Hammonds Farm. Sandridge

From the Herts Advertiser, 20th February 1869




Liberty Petty Sessions


Wm. Howard, a frequent visitor at this court, was summoned for trespassing in search of rabbits.  

The defendant did not appear but was represented by Mr. Annesley.

 Police-constable Quint  stated that he had served the summons on Wednesday …

Joseph Rainsdon said: On the evening of the 3rd. inst., I was in Mr. Reynolds’s meadow [Hammonds Farm] in the parish of Sandridge, when I heard the report of a gun. I looked up and saw two men coming over a hedge from one of Mr Reynolds’s fields. One of them was the defendant Howard. …

William Minall, after corroborating the evidence of the last witness, said: I followed the men and asked them their names. They gave me a very improper answer. I enquired what they had shot at, and again they answered me in a very improper manner. I was on horseback, and on riding up to then they told me that they would give me the stick. … A stone was thrown and hit Minall.

Howard was cleared of the trespass, but found guilty of the assault and fined 4s. 6.d and 15s. 6d. costs, with the alternative of one month’s imprisonment with hard labour.

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