The Staghounds at Cuckman's

From the Herts Advertiser,

16th February 1889



St Albans

During the later part of the 19th century the Herts Advertiser regularly reprinted accounts of local hunting from the magazine Horse & Hounds and these accounts regularly list the local gentry and principal farmers who took part, and also describe the route taken by the hounds.

The scent was good, said "Dragon" in Horse and Hound, when the Berkhampstead Staghounds met a few days ago at Cuckman's, near St. Albans, where Mr Henry Bailey, who was disappointed of his meet there in December, entertained all comers, and this time we scored a run, which was enjoyed by a goodly field, amongst whom were the Earl of Cavan, the Hon. A. Holland Hibbert, Mr & Mrs G Bowers Edwards, Mrs Hilliard, Mrs Creyke, Mr and Mrs F Cornwell, Miss Allender, Mr and Miss Magor, Mr and Miss Selby, Captains Mirehouse and Morris. Lieutenant Brunnstrom (who will go back to Sweden full of happy reminiscences of English sport), Messrs Adey & son, H Jones, Michaud, Holt, F Miles, Turner, Smith, Phillips, Houldsworth, C Woollam, H Bailey and son, Tanqueray, T and H Cox, J Reynolds, Samuells, Spiro, Glover, J Purrott, H Taylor, Moate, Ravenscroft, T Camp and son, Wells, Gibson, Hodgson, Rolfe, J Read, Game, G Gurney, Willcox, Perkins, and Joe Dickinson was on wheels, with some others. This was the anniversary of the great run from Bottom Farm, Berkhampstead, to Totteridge on Wednesday, Feb. 6th, 1884, and six of the survivors of that historic run were here today, while the only other is now riding as a cowboy across the herring-pond; but perhaps it does not do to look back, and as the hound ran today it was well to look forward, for when they were laid on in front of Mr Bailey's house they ran fast to Park Wood, away through Birch Wood to Potter's Crouch, round to Pré Wood, away along the bottom of Gorhambury Park, along the drive crossing the river Ver near the Pré, up to Batch Wood, bearing round to St Albans, on to Bernards Heath, down to Beech Bottom, where they checked. Then ran across the Midland Railway up to Marshall's Wick, where the stag turned back and ran past Sandridge (on our left) straight to Symond's Hyde, and through the big wood out to Suttons, where they viewed their deer and took him, after a run of an hour and 40 minutes, with every one up at the finish.