Old News

Stealing Lead Piping

From the Herts Advertiser, 11th November 1889


Before the Mayor (Mr H J Toulmin), Mr H. P Smith, Mr E S Wiles and Mr R. Gibbs.


John Harris (10), and William Paul (9), both of Bernard's Heath, were charged with stealing 21Żlbs of lead piping, the property of Mr. J. Dickson.

William Howard, St John's-road, Bernard's Heath, who is employed by Mr. Dickson, said he saw some piping safe in a clay hole belonging to a pump, in St John's-road, at one o'clock on Tuesday. In the evening PC Chapman went to him and asked if he had missed any piping. He then found part of the piping had been chopped off and carried away. The piping was worth 3s. 6d.

PC Chapman said he was on duty in the Market-place at five o'clock on Tuesday afternoon when he saw the defendants each carrying a piece of lead piping. He questioned the boys who said they were going to take the piping home "to their father." He took the piping from them and made enquiries, with the result that he ascertained the lead had been taken from the pump at the clay pit. Paul afterwards told him that he took a chopper and Harris chopped the lead off.

Mr J J King, on behalf of Mr Dickson, did not press the case.

The boys admitted the offence. The bench took a lenient view of this case and dismissed the defendants with a caution.

There is further information on James Dickson and William Howard.

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