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Easter Stock Sale at Hatfield

From the Herts Advertiser, 1st April 1893

Farming activities played an important part of the news coverage of the Herts Advertiser and details of major stock sales involving locally reared stock were reported, together with prices. By studying the accounts of such sales - and the pre-Christmas Sale was the biggest - it is possible to find out what stock was reared on which farms and which butchers were market leaders - in that they tended to buy the prize animals - for sale to their top customers.

Cattle Market in St Peter's Street, St Albans, - post card from 1908
Hertfordshire Countryside - February 1968

Stock Sale. – On Monday last Messrs Harding and Low held their special Easter sale of fat lambs and other stock in their cattle market adjoining the Red Lion Hotel, Hatfield, when there was a capital supply, and the trade all round was excellent, every lot being disposed of. There was a very large company of buyers present, which caused very keen competition.

The principal purchasers were Messrs Butler, Aldridge, Pike and Steabben of St Albans; Cook, Wood Green; Griffin, Finchley; Lyne, Southgate; Polley, Southgate; Smeeton, Hornsey; Nickels, Barnet; Dickinson, Colney Heath; Atkins, Southgate; Wilson, Enfield; Sams, Ware; Stallabrass, Hertford; Tolman, Potter’s Bar; and Wheelhouse, Greenwich.

The highest prices for fat lambs were Mr W J Horn, Handside, 59s, 58s 6d, 57s, 56s, 55s 6d,54s, &c.; Mr F W Low, Bridehall, 50s, 49s, 48s, 47s, 46s 6d, 46s, &c.; Mr. Ivory, Wheathamstead, 46s, 43s, 42s 6d, &c.; Mr Broome, Stanborough, 41s, 39s 6d, 38s 6d, &c.; Mr J Reynolds, The Heath, 42s, 41s, 35s 6d, 34s, &c.; Mr R Peart, 35s.

Sheep, Mr H A Taylor, Hill End, 59s; Mr W J Horn, 58s 6d; Mr W Wright 57s 6d; Mr Hill 56s 6d; Mr H B Cox, 55s; Mr W Pigg, 49s; Mr F W Low, 47s; Mr T Camp, 46s; Mr Boome, 46s 6d; Mr Ivory, 46s; Mr R Peart 45s 6d; Mr J Peart 46s 6d; Mr Wadsworth 42s 6d; Mr E Woollatt, 38s 6d, &c.

Pigs, Mr W C B Giddins, 81s; Mr W Pigg, 76s; the Marquess of Salisbury, 46s; Dr Church, 45s 6d. &c.

The local paper regularly reported the results of the market, identifying the top sellers and the prices reached. At this time most butchers had their own slaughterhouse and newspaper accounts often indicated which butchers purchased the best animals.

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