Old News


Hunting Extraordinary

From the Herts Mercury

 7th June 1836






Notes on some of the people involved

Several of the people involved are well known to me because they are relatives and/or linked to my studies of Sandridge Farmers.

Ralph Norman Thrale (1803-1876) and William Thrale (1805-1876) were brothers, the sons of Ralph Thrale (1778-1852) and Sarah Burchmore (1767-1820) - see Who is related to Who. Their sister was Harriet Thrale (1801-1879) who married James Mardall (1784-1844). The Thrale Family is well documented in the books A New Thraliana and A Newer Thraliana. The stuffed panther was the prize exhibit in the museum at their farm at No Mans Land. The Mardall family owned the Harpenden Brewery.

The Mr House whose dog was killed may have been John Isaac House (1793-1849) whose wife Ann Kidman (1792-1859) was aunt to Alfred James Elliott Kidman (1831-1875) who appears in a different part of the Who is related to Who tree.

Charles Higby Lattimore (1806-1889) was a major farmer with land in Wheathamstead and Sandridge. In 1873 he urged local farmers to sack all strikers in the Sandridge Agricultural Workers Strike.  The Lattimore family owned the Hope Brewery at Wheathampstead - See the .Harpenden Brewery.

Isaac Field (born c1813) was, in 1841, an agricultural labourer living with his wife Mary at Gustard Wood, Wheathampstead.

The name "William Smith" was too common to make a reliable identification from the 1841 census. However if Isaac and William Smith were on their way to work together the agricultural labourer William Smith (born c1796) who lived at Gustard Wood is the most likely candidate. (Thanks to Antony for spotting this connection.)




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