Halton Camp, Buckinghamshire,

First World War


Halton Camp

Posted November 1914


The camp was set up shortly after the war broke out but wet weather caused the troops to move out into the local towns and villages, with the Headquarters in Tring.

YMCA Hut, Halton Park East, Buckinghamshire, WW1  

Y.M.C.A. Hut Interior

Halton Park East

Published by Photochrome

WW1 photograph

A Woodland Scene showing Halton Park Camp, Wendover

Published by Nicholas Lee, High Street, Wendover

Ref SH 2036

Posted 1925

  Post card showing Wendover Woods and Halton Military Camp

I'm Thinking of You everyday

Verse about the mean of Halton Camp

Published by Beaton & Co, North Road, Brighton

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