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Halton is a picturesque group of cottages in the park of Halton House, 2 m. N. of Wendover. The church, built in 1813, is charmingly situated, but is very ugly within and without. On the N. wall of chancel, behind hangings, is a brass effigy of Henry Bradshawe, Chief Baron of the Exchequer, 1553.

Halton House is a conspicuous object between the village and the Chilterns. The fine shrubberies and plantations are worthy of notice.

Buckinghamshire 1918


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Halton House, Alfred de Rothschild, Buckinghamshire, gardens  

Halton Manor

The seat of Alfred Charles de Rothschild, Esq,

Published by Rush & Warwick

Halton House, Tring (1)

Photo Howlett, Tring

Shows South Front and entrance porch.


Halton House,

Tring (2)

Halton House, Alfred de Rothschild, Bucks, near Tring, published by Howlett

Wendover, Halton House

The model village of Halton is about two miles from Wendover; Halton House is beautifully situated on the slope of Boddington Hill, and is the seat of Mr. A. de Rothschild.

Published by Freeman, Sons & Co., Wendover, Buckinghamshire.

[Printed in England]


Halton House, near Wendover, Buckinghamshire, showing temporary pavillion and lake

Dear Ned

Just a line to let you know that I am well.

This is the place where we are

Lord Rothschilds letter following.

Tring, Bucks

William Elliot


Card posted ?? ?? 1914 to

Mr Edw Matthews, No 6. 3rd Row, Ellington Morpeth, Northumberland

When war broke out in August 1914 the Northumberland Fusiliers went to War Stations in Berkhamsted, but Alfred Rothschild made his house available and the soldiers relocated in Halton.  Their place at Berkhamsted was taken by the Inns of Court Regiment.

The Camp later became used for training aviators, and the origins of the Royal Air Force.


Halton House

No publisher

Posted 1913

While Halton is in Bucks the post was handled through Tring.

We have just passed along the footpath from which this photo was taken - quite near the house - Baron Rothschild's - a glorious place. Weather rather nice today but terrible yesterday afternoon. We are having a good time.


Halton Church

Published by Freeman, sons & co., Wendover

Posted 1917


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