Colliers End

A hamlet within the parish of High Cross which in turn was part of the historic parish of Standon.


In 1278 a Nicholas le Colyere was recorded as living in Standon.
The Place-names of Hertfordshire

London Road, Colliers End

Showing St Mary's at the South end of the hamlet.

   Collier's End is on high ground, on the Old North Road, 2 miles S.W. from Standon Station, Great Eastern Railway. It is a very typical English hamlet.

Hertfordshire Little Guide 1903

Collier's End

Colliers End is one of the many hamlets which developed along a main road radiating out from London, in this case the London to Cambridge road.  In 1882 it had 7 pubs or beer houses, a blacksmith, a wheelwright and a hay and straw dealer to cater for the passing traffic.  Kelly's Directory, 1882.


St Mary's, Colliers End


The Red, White & Blue


Collier's End Publicans


High Cross




Old North Road


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Car identified as a 1925 Citroen 5CV Model C  see Motor Cars

Plough Inn, Circa 1910

Street view including the Plough Inn, Collier's End, High Cross.  There is a penny-farthing over the entrance porch, to attract cyclists as customers. (see Postcards of Hertfordshire Pubs) A comparison of various sources suggests that in 1912 the Landlord was Robert Champlain (see the Collier's End Publicans).

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