High Cross

High Cross is part of the historic parish of Standon.

Colliers End is part of High Cross

Post Office High Cross


High School Parish Church

Wadesmill Hill seen from High Cross Hill

The post card is looking south-east (towards  London) and a cyclist is pushing her bike up the hill. If she is exhausted she  may well stop at Jack's Caf,  High Cross, which was "noted for the best cup of tea on the Great Cambridge Road" and which  "never closed."

The above card, and the one below,  were published by W. A. Giffin [sic],  Post Office, High Cross. Trade directories list William Alfred Griffin as a  shopkeeper at High Cross in 1937, with Mrs Lucy S. Griffin being a shopkeeper  and postmistress in earlier years, The cards have an "R.A. Series" back, which was  widely used for cards sold by post offices in Hertfordshire and elsewhere  between the wars. However the card below, uncoloured by with same back is known posted in 1924.

High Cross looking South

Card by "W. A. Giffin

in "R.A. Series"


St John the Evangalist


Colliers End



Wades Mill Village

Old North Road

Selected Answers

OVERTON, High Cross, 1907
Old Bakery, High Cross, 19th/20th century

High Cross

Posted 1907

The Pub Sign on the right is the "Waggon & Horses." The 1908 Kelly's Directory lists Joseph Copland as the landlord of this public house, the other on in High Cross being the "White Horse," landlord William Arnold.


A Quiet Spot near High Cross

(Another R.A. Series card published by W. A. Giffin)


Clarkson's Obelisk

This postcard, of the obelisk just over the parish boundary into Wades Mill, was published by A. H. Ginn, Post Office, High Cross.

High Cross Village looking North
Published by L. C. Andrews
Post Office, High Cross

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