The Rye House



The Rye House is the oldest surviving brick building in Hertfordshire - see Bricks: The Rye House


Antiquities of England and Wales

by Francis Grose


  Rye House (Hoddesdon) 1784 - from Grose's Antiquities

Engraved by John Pye, from a Drawing by J. C. Smith
For the Beauties of England & Wales E.W.B. dxt
London : Published by Vernor, Hood & Sharpe, Poultry, Feby1, 1807


From Hughson's Description of London, engraved 1806. .

In 1443, Sir Andrew Ogard was granted a licence by Henry VI to "impark and fortify the Maner of Rye". The gatehouse is all that remains of the house that Ogard built, and is one of the earliest examples in the country of the re-introduction of brick into building. The house achieved notoriety through the Rye House plot to murder Charles II and his brother, James Duke of York, on their way back from the races at Newmarket in 1683. The then owner of Rye House, Richard Rumbold, was implicated in the plot which was foiled when the King returned to London earlier than expected.

During the late 18th and early 19th centuries the gatehouse was used as the parish workhouse of Stanstead Abbotts. In recent years it has been extensively restored and opened to the public by the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority.

Hoddesdon's Past in Pictures

View of Rye House from the River Lea


<<< The Castle, Rye House, Postcard published by Charles Martin and posted in 1920, although back suggests an earlier date.

Rye House, Broxbourne

a Langsdorff postcard from 1906.

There is a detailed history, with many pictures, of the Rye House Tavern on the Our Broxbourne site.


The Great Bed of Ware,

which at one time was kept in Rye House
Postcard with no publisher details - circa 1920s?

The Bed is currently in the Victoria and Albert Museum

Rye House

The Gardens

Posted 1910


Web: Lee Valley Online includes historical information on the Rye House.

Web: In and About Stanstead Abbots includes some old and new pictures of the Rye House.


Nether Hall, Roydon, Essex, is another early brick building on the other side of the River Lea, only a few miles from Rye House

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