Knebwoth House, Knebworth

Knebworth House

Jones' views of the seats, mansions, castles, &c  1829

[before the Victorian "improvements"]


The house was described by Sir Henry Chauncy in 1700 as ‘a large pile of brick with a fair quadrangle in the middle of it, seated upon a dry hill, in a fair large park, stocked with the best deer in the country, excellent timber and well wooded and from thence you may behold a most lovely prospect to the East.’

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Monday se'night was married at Knebworth, Herts, Robert Mapletoft, Esq. of Spring's-hall, near Long Melford, in this county, to Lucinda, second daughter of William Henry Haggard, Esq. of Knebworth Place.

Bury & Norwich Post, 9 November 1808 [BNA

Knebworth. - We have much pleasure in learning that Sir Edward Lytton, Bart., has taken possession of Knebworth, where he is at present staying, and that he intends to reside there.

Herts Mercury, 20 January 1844 [BNA]

Views of the House by a selection of different Post Card Publishers

Knebworh House, Herts, Raaphael Tuck post card Knebworth House, Herts, early undivided back post card

Knebworth - Seat of Lord Lytton

Raphael Tuck & Sons "County" Postcard No 2271 "Hertfordshire"

Phototyped in Berlin - Undivided back - posted 1902



No Title -No publisher - undivided back - posted 1902  à

(Sender incorrectly identifies it with Hatfield House)

Note the pool is different shape so this photograph must be earlier

Divided Backs

Knebworth House, Hertfordshire


Knebworth House, Hertfordshire, post card

Knebworth House

Published by E. Munnings, Hertford - back "Inland postage only


Knebworth House

[Blum & Degan] No 15609 - back "Inland use only"

Knebworth House


Knebworth House, Hertfordshire, post card

Knebworth House

Great Northern Railway "Stately Houses of England" Series

back circa 1910 with descriptive text


Knebworth House

The Ancestral home of the Lyttons

Rush & Warwick Art Printers, Bedford - posted 1908

Same Photographs - but different cards

Knebworth House


Knebworth House

Knebworth House

The Star Series - G. D. & D., London - Inland only back

 (Gottschalk, Dreyfus & Davis)


Knebworth House

[Star Logo] - G. D. & D., London - Inland only back

 (Gottschalk, Dreyfus & Davis)

Picture also used in Knebworth (Earl of Lytton) - "Yes or No" Series - Inland only back

The Commode Charles Dickens may have used at Knebworth House
from Hertfordshire Privies

KNEBWORTH. ... Marriage of Miss Brown.— The marriage of Miss Louisa Alice Brown, eldest daughter of Mr. Benjamin Brown, of Knebworth Hall, Paradise Creek, Osborne County, Kansas, and formerly of Knebworth, Herts, with Mr. Arthur Henry Cooper, a native of Bedfordshire, a near neighbour of Mr. Brown, was celebrated about the beginning of December, 1886. The wedding was of quiet character, and there appears to be every prospect of a happy and prosperous future for Mr. and Mrs. Cooper. The bride received large number of presents from her friends in England.

The marriage was performed in Mr. Brown’s house by the Rev. J. M. Batchelder, minister of the district. It will be interesting to many of Mr. Brown’s friends to learn that he has recently been made Justice of the Peace for the township of Osborne. Justices are elected by ballot in Kansas, and they perform their duties much as was the case in England in feudal times, in their own houses ; their powers being limited to the infliction of a fine of not more than £6O or to imprisonment for six months. Justices in Kansas also perform the marriage service, and do other judicial acts not usually performed by Magistrates in England. — Hitchin Express.

Bury & Norwich Post, 9 November 1808 [BNA

Hertfordshire Genealogy



Knebworth House

Home of the Lytton family since 1492

English Life Publications, 1971

Glossy Booklet, 23.5 * 18 cm, 28 pages, packed with b/w & colour photographs


In addition to being a wonderful old mansion, with a great collection, and with royal connections, the house was the home of the 19th century author Bulwer Lytton. He wrote many novels including The Last Days of Pompeii. He was also a politician, and became Colonial Secretary in 1858, He was made Baron Lytton in 1866.

[The 1974 edition appears to be identical to the 1971 edition, apart from the addition of a junior name (Rosina Kim Lytton Cobbold) on the Lytton family tree.]



  • Introduction

  • The Banqueting Hall

  • The White Drawing Room

  • The Library

  • The Staircase

  • Bulwer Lytton

  • The State Drawing Room

  • The Minstrels' Gallery

  • The Falkland Room

  • The Hampden Room

  • Mrs Bulwer-Lytton's Bedroom

  • The Queen Elizabeth Room

  • The Building of Knebworth

  • Victorian Knebworth

  • The Owners of Knebworth

  • The Lyttons and the Cobbolds

The Lyttons of Knebworth (Family Tree from Sir Robert Lytton (d 1505) to the present)

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