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Sandridgebury, Sandridge


Card by H. W. Lane,


43 St Peters Street,

St Albans


Early 20th century

The following time line is based on notes I made about Victorian Sandridge in the 1980s, plus some later information from various sources. Some earlier information on Sandridgebury is given in Historic Sandridge Revisited and the Thrale connections with Sandridge in A New Thraaliana. There will be extensive further information for the 18th and 19th centuries in Earl Spencer's archives in the Northampton Records Office. The building is a listed building.

1775 Newspaper Thursday last was married the Rev. Jolkins, A.M. of Wrexham, in Denbighshire, Molley Fossey, of Sandridgebury, near St. A. [Chester Chronicle 6 November 1775]
1776 Newspaper Thursday was married Mr. John Munn, of Sandridgebury, Herts, to Miss Maria Davis, of Chenies, Bucks. [Reading Mercury 17 June 1776]
1815 Newspaper Mr Clark, of Sandridgebury, one of Earl Spencer's tenants, made presentation on behalf of all the tenants. [Northampton Mercury 30 December]
1820 Land Tax John Clarke (Landlord Earl Spencer)
1820 Death John Clarke
1823 Sunday School Committee John Kinder
1833 Poor Rate John Kinder
1835 Newspaper John Kinder of Sandridgebury made Justice of the Peace [various papers, November]
1836 Newspaper Thomas Langham was charged with stealing a bushel of potatoes, the property of Mr. Thomas Kinder. [Hertfordshire Mercury and Reformer 12 January 1836]
1841 Baptism Thomas Kinder
1842 Newspaper At the Royal Agricultural Society show John Kinder, of Sandridgebury, won an award for cheese. [Yorkshire Gazette 23 July 1842 & other papers]
1843 Newspaper At the Royal Agricultural Society show John Kinder, of Sandridgebury, exhibit a short horn bull calved previously to the 1st of January, 1841. [Morning Post, 17 July, 1843]
1846 Directory John Kinder
1850 Directory

John Kinder

Thomas Kinder

1855 Directory John Kinder (Bury Farm)
1860 Death (from tombstone) John Kinder
1866 Directory Thomas Kinder (Bury Farm)
1870 Herts Advertiser

The Herts Advertiser of 29th October 1870 reported that Caroline Hill  (21), of Sandridge, daughter of Mr Paul, was summoned for stealing acorns from Cunningham field, occupier Mr Thomas Kinder, of Sandridgebury. Witnesses Thomas Kinder & William Burgoyne,. The charge was withdrawn.   Mr Kinder … said it was the invariable custom for a farmer to have the right to the produce of all the trees which grew on his farm. In addition Lord Spencer’s steward had informed that he was entitled to the acorns. At the time There were five others picking up acorns by his directions, and he paid them at the rate of 1s a bushel.

1878 Herts Advertiser (7th Sept)

HORTICULTURAL SHOW. – The annual show of garden produce will take place on Thursday next in the grounds of Mr. T. Kinder, J. P, Sandridge Bury. Should the weather prove fine, the well-known good quality of the exhibition will no doubt bring together a large number of visitors

1881 Death Thomas Kinder
1882 Directory Mrs Kinder
1882 Death Mrs Caroline Kinder
    (The farm was probably separated from the house at about this time, both still being owned by Earl Spencer.)
1886 Directory Charles Waugh Tanqueray
1890 Directory Charles Waugh Tanqueray
1891 Census Charles W Tanqueray (42, Distiller) - Wife Isobel K (36)
1895 Directory Miss Lees
1896 Newspaper A lady wishes to recommend her butler for a situation where footman or boy kept; 3˝ yeqars' excellent character; leaving on account of establishment breaking up; age 33; height 5ft 7in; town or country. - Reply to Miss Lees, Sandridge Bury, St Albans. [Morning Post, 27 February]
1897 Newspaper A Marriage has been arranged, and will take place in June, between Mr. John Verity, J.P. of Aston, Warwickshire and Sandridge-bury, Hertfordshire, and Evelyn Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. Henry J Lubbock, of Newberries, Hertfordshire. [Morning Post, 7 April 1897]
1898 Birth  [John L Verity born Sandridge 1898]
1899 Directory John S Verity
1901 Census [John S Verity in London,]
1902 Directory Percival Griffiths
1908 Directory Percival Davis Griffiths
1912 Directory Percival Davis Griffiths
1926 Directory Percival Davis Griffiths
1937 Directory Percival Davis Griffiths
1937 The Times Percival Griffiths died while hunting with the Whaddon Chase on 11 December. He was buried at Sandridge.
1939 The Times Percival's collections were sold off by Christies, followed by a furniture sale at Sandridgebury.

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Earl Spencer sold off the Sandridgebury, the farm and land - the house being acquired by Aylesford House School
1959 School Directory




Head Masters;-R. H. LEE, B.A. and JOHN THOMPSON.

THE School is in a fine eighteenth century country mansion three miles from St. Albans with 12 acres of grounds in pleasant country of extreme geological interest. It stands 325 feet above sea-level on the slopes of the Chilterns.

Boys are prepared for the County Entrance Examination to Grammar School, Common Entrance to Public Schools, and Public School Scholarships; boys transferring to the separate Senior Department are prepared for G.C.E.

Emphasis is placed on obedience and the development of initiative and self-reliance through extra-curricular interests including sailing. Normal subjects are taught including art, music, drama and craft. Rugby, Soccer, Cricket, Swimming and athletics provide physical education. There is a keen Cub Pack. Youth Hostelling is encouraged. There are ample opportunities for hobbies.

Forty-one Boarders are accommodated in seven dormitories. Diet is varied and attractive, fresh fruit and vegetables being obtained from a large kitchen garden on the premises. Full charge of boys whose parents are serving abroad can be taken. Day Boys number 140. Teaching staff numbers 14 of whom nine are resident and there are two matrons. Prospectus on application.


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Richard William Thrale (author of A New Thraliana and A Newer Thraliana) purchased the whole of the dilapidated building, restored it and divided it into several residences, and he lived in one of them.
2007 Richard William Thrale died.

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This shows one end of the original house - which has been extended by one set of windows.

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